I don’t love my husband, what to do — advice from a psychologist

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I don’t love my husband what to do psychologist’s advice

There are situations when a feeling of lack of love for a spouse comes, and then the question arises, what to do next? One thing is for sure, that if you are looking for a way out of this situation, then there is a chance to fix everything, the main thing is to know in which direction you should move.

I don’t love my husband, what to do — advice from a psychologist

A similar problem most often occurs after several years of marriage, when the initial passionate feelings disappear. If you have not left the family yet, then there is a chance to restore everything.

What to do if I no longer love my husband:

  1. Don’t compare your spouse to others. Many problems arise because someone has a richer, handsomer, smarter, etc. husband. It is necessary to abandon this habit, since you once fell in love with a person who is nearby, which means that there are many positive aspects in him.
  2. Try to bring back the old passion. Often women suffer because they do not love their husband, but there are children, so they do not know what to do in such a situation. Modern ladies give all their time and feelings to work and children, forgetting about the man who is nearby. This is a serious mistake, leading to divorce. Try to spend more time with your family, for example, go to nature, to an amusement park, have family dinners, etc.
  3. Many are helped by shock therapy, which involves a temporary separation. It can be a business trip, vacation or vacation with your parents. The main thing is to spend at least a few weeks apart and try to practically not communicate. This time is enough to analyze the situation and understand how to proceed.

If thoughts arise about what to do, if “I don’t like a good husband,” then, according to psychologists, a frank conversation will help. In a calm atmosphere, tell your spouse what exactly does not suit you, what is missing, tell about your emotions and feelings. In most cases, such a move allows you to radically change the situation and return feelings.


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