Ideal or plastic doll?

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ideal or plastic doll

Recently, women have increasingly begun to resort to the services of plastic surgeons. It is understandable, you don’t need to waste time visiting gyms, a couple of swings of a scalpel, and now a new body is ready for publication. But the matter does not end with pumping out excess fat, girls actively design their own appearance, guided by beauty standards. As a result, big cities are filled with anorexic beauties with prominent breasts and plump sensual lips. The attitude in society towards such “artificial” girls is ambivalent, but most of all we are interested in the opinion of men, because all this is done for them.

Wonder how good!

Needless to say, the male eye is more likely to cling to an exciting neckline than to a slight hint of presence, and sensual lips excite the imagination with the promise of oral sex. But do they like it when all this is the work of a skilled plastic surgeon? Of course, almost every man will say that natural beauty is always better, but these statements will not in the least prevent him from admiring the magnificent silicone breasts, appetizing ass and being surprised at the incredibly thin waist of a girl who spent a lot of time and money on plastic surgery. To say frankly that they do not care whose works of charm adorn their companion, few men dare, but still there are. Some even wonder why not everyone uses the services of plastic surgeons, if there is such a wonderful opportunity to make themselves an ideal girl.

In fairness, it should be noted that such men are a minority. And to recommend to his companion to change something in himself through surgical intervention, only a few think of it. Perhaps this is due to the fact that after a long relationship, a woman is perceived as property, so any changes in her are accepted by a man very jealously.

Who needs plastic Barbies?

If beauty itself plays a big role for the representatives of the stronger sex, and not the way it is acquired, then why are there so many contemptuous statements about glamorous girls with silicone inserts in different parts of the body? You might think that envious women write this, who did not have enough money and courage to correct their shortcomings through plastic surgery, but no, it is men who make the lion’s share of such comments. What’s the matter here, is naturalness really that important? You will be surprised, but this parameter is really valued by men above all else. Only now it is worth distinguishing between natural naturalness and carefully created. For example, the well-known nude style makeup — discreet colors and a complete sense of naturalness, but how much work needs to be done to look just like that. And girls who choose a similar style are more likely to attract attention than the owners of a defiant war paint.

This is also the case with plastic surgery — if it is a secret for everyone, then men will be happy to break their eyes about the perfection of forms. Who needs plastic BarbiesBut it’s worth a little overdoing and associations with Barbie, at best, cannot be avoided. This point is easy to prove, just by looking at which girls cause negative responses from the male population. Most often these are those who were immoderate in their desires to reshape themselves, and the result was a model of a woman with unnaturally protruding lips and overly enlarged forms. Such men are usually despised, frankly using them as a sex simulator. But ladies who have used the services of a plastic surgeon wisely usually have crowds of admirers at their feet, and they are unaware that this perfection was slightly cut by the skillful hands of the master.

From all that has been said, it follows that men have a positive attitude towards plastic surgery, but only if its result looks natural, without turning a woman into another clone of a famous doll.


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