Ideal woman

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ideal woman

Perhaps one of the most exciting topics is the ideal of a woman through the eyes of a man. And during her discussion, a long-legged blonde with a magnificent bust, a thin waist and full lips is usually presented. But we forget that this image was invented by women themselves and is constantly striving for it, exhausting themselves with diets, physical exercises, resorting to plastic surgery and painful cosmetic procedures. In fact, through the eyes of a man, the real ideal of a woman is not a Barbie doll at all.

The ideal of female beauty for men

Speaking of male tastes, it is difficult to draw up a portrait of an ideal woman who would please absolutely everyone. Preferences are influenced by many factors, such as the physique and appearance of the man himself, his origin, age and position in life. In addition, there really are no comrades for taste and color, and in matters of choice everything is very individual. And, although Marilyn Monroe at one time managed to charm millions of the stronger sex, it is impossible to be desirable for everyone. But, nevertheless, let’s try to generalize men’s wishes about the appearance of a woman and understand what to strive for.

The ideal female figure for men

As shown by numerous surveys, interviews and voting, the ideal woman, according to men, is far from the parameters of 90-60-90. Moreover, the importance of these parameters and their significance are greatly overestimated.

  1. Breast. In fact, most men do not like a large bust at all, as is commonly believed. They prefer breasts of medium size, but beautifully shaped, elastic and toned.
  2. Waist. In this case, even the men themselves are mistaken, saying that a woman should have an aspen waist and a flat tummy. During a survey using photographs, where the representatives of the stronger sex were asked to choose the most attractive girls, the overwhelming majority of votes were received by women with a waist circumference of 65-70 cm. At the same time, they did not have a relief press, but conquered the respondents with a neat feminine tummy without fat folds.
  3. Hips. In a sense, preferences in terms of female hips are due to nature itself. The ideal of a woman for a man is the mother of his future children. Therefore, it is understandable why the stronger sex mainly likes girls with rounded hips and elastic, bulging buttocks.
  4. Legs. Women try by any means to visually lengthen their legs in order to appear more attractive. It turned out that for men it does not matter at all. The determining factor is the neat shape of the legs and the absence of cellulite on them.

The ideal beauty of a woman’s face for a man

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the abuse of cosmetics not only does not please men, but also repels them. The thought of what lies behind a lot of make-up scares the stronger sex. Therefore, it is advisable to simply make sure that the skin is well-groomed, clean and healthy. This will allow you to use a minimum of cosmetics and conquer the natural attractiveness.

  1. Eyes. Interestingly, men can rarely remember the shape and even the color of the eyes of their chosen ones. They are male beauty idealdescribe only the look of a woman. Therefore, you should not spend long hours in front of the mirror, trying to correct the shape of the eyes. If the look is kind, open and slightly mysterious, then the man of your dreams will definitely appreciate it.
  2. Nose. This part of the face is the subject of heated debate. Someone likes mischievous upturned noses, someone likes straight, Greek profile. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about the shape of the nose and its length, the men themselves have not yet decided.
  3. Lips. Sensual, plump lips are sure to attract male gazes. At the same time, if by nature you do not have all the desired shape of the lips, it is better to emphasize the natural outlines and adjust them a little with lipstick or gloss. Artificially enlarged lips do not cause the approval of men.

Disputes about the ideal of female beauty will continue forever, and the most important thing is to learn to love and accept yourself, taking care of inner beauty. A self-confident, smart woman is the ideal for any man, regardless of her external data.


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