If a man does not call

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If a man does not call

An unexpected promising acquaintance did not continue? Even if the girl is sure that the guy liked her very much, that they had a great time and talked on the same wavelength, it’s not a fact that the man will call, and if he really doesn’t, there can be a thousand and one reasons for this.

Why is the phone handset silent?

If a man does not call after the first date, then he:

  • he was not impressed, that is, in other words, he did not like the girl;
  • subdued and smitten on the spot, but afraid and shy;
  • inflates its value. Yes, there are also such specimens that play with girls, like a cat with a mouse;
  • not free, that is, already in a relationship with another girl;
  • just wants to give himself time to sort out his feelings;
  • doesn’t want change. His life is so busy that he is not ready to waste time on a permanent partner;
  • takes her grandmother to the hospital, urgently flew to another city to draw up an inheritance, that is, there was some kind of force majeure;
  • just didn’t even think about it.

Of course, if a man does not call or write, then the girl herself decides what to do and whether to call first. Many people think that you need to be proud and respect yourself, because if you immediately demonstrate interest, then you can indirectly make it clear that the girl is too available. Therefore, if a man stopped calling, but the girl does not know how to behave, then you can give time to think — both to him and to yourself. It’s just that in recent years, women have been too actively fighting for equal rights with partners, which led to such a result: men stopped considering active actions on the part of women as something out of the ordinary, but they also stopped sparing their feelings.

Therefore, wondering why a man stopped calling and writing, you should not look for any flaws in yourself. They may not be, but the guy just thinks that a woman should always be ready for such a turn of events for no reason.


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