If a man does not love and does not let go?

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If a man does not love and does not let go

There are such relationships when a woman does not seem to be alone, she has a man, but this man is like a red sun — it will either appear or disappear. And it is not clear whether to consider yourself free and build new relationships, or wait until the man decides and makes the right choice. If a man does not love and does not let go, then how best to behave is in this article.

Why doesn’t a man let go and hold on?

Such behavior is typical of an owner and an incredible egoist who, for the sake of personal comfort and convenience, neglects the feelings of a partner. Such relationships can start both immediately and transform after several years of living together, but in any case, this suggests that a man does not truly love, but he does not want to give up any benefit either. In the case of a wife, this can be an established life, children, and in the case of a mistress, passionate sex. Many are interested in why a married man does not let his mistress go, but everything is simple here. It is so convenient for him — comfort and warmth, care and attention are at home, but there are not enough bright emotions and passion, and the mistress has it all, so why give up all this?

It happens that a man does not let go and does not bring closer, because he has not yet decided, he is still thinking. Living in different cities, it is difficult to build relationships, but after some time, after weighing all the pros and cons, the partner offers to move in and live together. If a woman is embarrassed and unnerved by such a suspended state, then she should talk frankly with her partner and find out everything. But most often, she intuitively understands that this can lead to a break and endures, waiting for the man to take responsibility and make a decision. Whether such an expectation is worth it is up to her to decide, but practice shows that such relationships rarely continue. If a woman is self-sufficient, self-confident and understands what kind of man she needs, then she breaks this connection herself, going in search of another partner.


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