Is it possible to forgive cheating husband

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is it possible to forgive the betrayal of her husband the answer of a psychologist

Treason is capable of destroying in an instant that family world that has been built for a long time. Along with betrayal, pain and disappointment come to the family. Having learned about the extramarital adventures of her husband, the wife can start looking for psychologist’s advice on whether to forgive her husband’s betrayal. However, she will not be able to find an exact answer, since experts can only offer options for solving the problem. The final decision should be made by the wife herself, based on family experience and her own feelings.

Psychologist’s advice, is it possible to forgive cheating on her husband?

The psychologist’s answer to the question of whether it is possible to forgive her husband’s infidelity is unequivocal: it is possible. However, the problem is that not every woman will be able to find the strength for this. Here are some proofs that it is worth forgiving your spouse’s infidelity:

  1. Treason suggests that a crisis of relations has come in the family. That is, betrayal is a consequence of problems in the family. And both spouses are guilty of family problems.
  2. One situation should not be used to judge the entire family life. This is just one of many moments, although very unpleasant and painful.
  3. Because of their physiology, men are easier to succumb to sexual temptations.
  4. All people are imperfect, and everyone is capable of making mistakes. The ability to forgive must be present in family life all the time.

The opinion of a psychologist, is it necessary to forgive her husband’s betrayal?

In family life, there are situations when you should not forgive your husband’s betrayal. These are the situations:

  1. The husband does not consider himself guilty, but blames his wife for everything. This position suggests that infidelity can be repeated more than once.
  2. If the husband changes systematically. In this case, it is difficult to talk about a real family, and the fate of further relationships in the family will depend only on the patience of the spouse and her desire to live or not live with an unfaithful husband.
  3. Some women are unable to forgive a cheating husband. Even if in words such a spouse forgives her husband, she can reproach him for what happened all her life, poisoning her life together.


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