Kiss on the first date

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Kiss on the first date

The first date is always an exciting process for both partners. It enchants with its unpredictability and multivariance. A lot of questions arise in my head, regarding both what perfume to choose, what style of clothing to choose, and whether it is possible to kiss on the first date.

Let’s try to figure out what a kiss on a first date is, whether it is necessary in general, and how to behave if your partner unexpectedly gives you a first kiss.

Kissing on a first date

Kisses have always occupied and occupy an important place in human life. Thanks to them, a person expresses his emotions, showing his partner all his feelings for him.

So, if you are wondering if a kiss is appropriate on a first date, then we recommend that you listen to the following tips.

  1. If you are the type of adventurous woman who is always ready to throw herself headlong into a relationship, you are in search of new sensations and emotions. Then you know for sure if you need a kiss on the first date. After all, this is a natural thing for you.
  2. If you consider yourself to be a modest type of person, then kissing at the first meeting is unacceptable for you. You are an amateur and do not change your principles. You are looking for a reliable partner, expect the sincerity of his feelings, the relationship for you should be long and deep.

So a statistical survey says that almost 75% of respondents on the first date had not only kisses, but also the first sex. 40% of this number did this with acquaintances with whom they made their friendship through the Internet, and 35% — only with those men whom they knew offline.

It will not be superfluous to note that it is up to you to decide whether there will be kisses on your first date or not. It all depends on your life position, goals, interests, willpower and ability to resist the charisma of a partner. But don’t forget that there’s no point Kissing on a first datelook like an easily accessible person, if you really liked the man and you plan to continue your relationship with him, you are hatching plans for your joint future about him. Of course, if you really want to and sympathy for a man clouds your brain, then kiss for health. After all, as you know, kissing has a positive effect on human health.

But remember that you don’t have to kiss when you first meet. Don’t hesitate to say «no». You don’t owe anything to anyone. So, kisses on the first date are only acceptable when you decide for yourself that they have the right to manifest themselves when you first meet a man.


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