Letter to my beloved husband

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letter to beloved husband

In addition to strict teachers, diaries with grades and fragrant buns in the cafeteria, school years are remembered by many for their romance. Although sometimes the boys did not calculate the strength, pulling our pigtails, or the neighbor did not always kindly let us cheat on the control, but that time was magical — carefree and cheerful. And how great it was to throw love notes on the desk to your classmate. Only I had to change the handwriting, yes, and without a signature. And then after all, guess who the note is from …

Fortunately, we have not forgotten how to write notes. Every now and then we leave messages to our husband on the refrigerator in the form of a list of what you need to buy in the store, or a reminder of something important. And why not remove all these “duty” sheets and leave only one single, but such an important message — a letter to your beloved husband. Here we will practice writing it.

Remember everything

In everyday worries, relationships with a loved one become habitual, measured, and we take them for granted. Perhaps this has its own charm, but if you have a desire to «shake» your feelings a little, then write a love letter to your husband, just like that, for no reason. Because I wanted to, because love, because the soul requires …

To write a letter to your beloved husband about how you met, about the feelings that overwhelmed you at the moments of long-awaited dates, means to remind him of what awe you aroused in him, to make him relive those emotions that you felt very keenly when you were just getting started. It is not necessary to look for a rhyme or quote the classics, your heart will tell you how to write a romantic letter to your husband. The main thing is to write sincerely, frankly and without the help of the Internet, this “comrade” will obviously be superfluous here.

“Do you remember how we met? It was my first day at work, or the second, I don’t remember anymore … In the morning I tried to style my bangs, which you later called childish … And then you showed up at work, and there I was, as yet an intern. I wasn’t funny at all, you just didn’t see me…

And then my day off. I went to the cafe just to have tea. You changed the light bulb in the ceiling above the bar counter, changed it for a long time, it’s good that you didn’t fall off the stepladder … I saw how you looked at me, looked through all your eyes))) And I remember that you liked that green striped dress in which I came , I promise that tomorrow I will put it on … And we can go somewhere. I propose to arrange a slight chaos, let’s start with a visit to a karaoke bar, and continue at home … How do you like the idea? .. «

In such a letter, there is something that “catches” and mentally returns to the beginning of the relationship, forcing you to experience all the emotions and sensations with which this beginning is associated with you. The originality and at the same time the simplicity of the text provides a simple description of some details, trifles that each of you remembers. Focus on what your husband remembers (for example, a green striped dress). For the two of you, these «little things» are not. This is part of your history and these memories will always give you a slight thrill. A letter with similar content can be written to your husband on your wedding anniversary, let him find it in the morning under the pillow …

For those who like it hot…

Better than a beautiful letter with a declaration of love to her husband can only be … an erotic letter. The love of a man and a woman is two completely different feelings in their manifestation. A woman’s love for a man lies in love for her own feelings caused by this man. The love of a man is connected with the pleasure that he experiences with this woman. There’s nothing you can do about it, but if you want to «stir up» your spouse, give free rein to frank fantasies. Moreover, it will benefit not only your man, but also yourself.

A letter of erotic content should be not so much mysterious as «heating» passion to the limit. Revelations about how you want to indulge in love pleasures with your husband, a detailed description of everything that you would like to do, will make your husband finish work at work earlier than usual.

Send an email or send an SMS — either option will do. As for the text, if you have little experience in this matter, then you can use the Internet for inspiration, so to speak.

write a letter to your beloved husband

Sometimes there are situations when it is difficult to start a conversation, for example, there was a conflict between you. And it seems that we need to apologize for everything that we have said to each other, and the gift of speech treacherously disappears somewhere. In this case, take a piece of paper and write a letter to your husband about your love for him, about how dear he is to you. You can apologize, you can turn everything into a joke if it’s appropriate. By doing so, you will show concern for your spouse and your family. Take care of each other’s feelings.

“I didn’t sleep all night … Forgive me for yesterday, I went too far. You are wonderful to me, I will never stop thanking the universe for meeting you …

PS Buy some bread and milk in the evening.”


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