Living together

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living together

The beginning of a life together is a difficult stage that not all couples go through. The thing is that there is a grinding of characters and such a terrible enemy of relations as everyday life appears. It is very difficult to move from a single life to a responsible and practically family life.

Features of living together with a guy

To begin with, I would like to say about the choice of housing, since it has its own characteristics. Psychologists do not recommend starting to build relationships while living under the same roof with your parents. It is best to rent a small, but your own housing, then many problems can be avoided.

What you need to consider for a happy life together:

  1. Of great importance is the financial issue, which for many couples is a stumbling block. Decide whether you will have a joint or separate budget, who will control how to spend what you earn, etc.
  2. The first year of marriage is filled with various disputes that relate to everyday life. That is why it is important to correctly distribute responsibilities around the house. If both partners earn, then it is recommended to divide the housework almost evenly, for example, the man takes out the trash, the woman cooks, and the cleaning is done by common forces.
  3. Remember that each person should have personal space and time for themselves. It is quite normal if lovers relax with friends separately from each other or do their favorite things. If you want to maintain a relationship, do not limit your partner in freedom.
  4. To make life together with a man a joy, it is recommended not to hide all problems and dissatisfaction in yourself, but to calmly talk about it. Psychologists advise to sit down at the negotiating table and discuss existing problems in a calm tone.
  5. One of the common reasons why many couples who have started a family life break up is the woman’s confidence that her man has the ability to “telepathize”. Understand that a loved one cannot guess thoughts, and if you want something, then living together with boyfriendyou just need to tell him and ask.
  6. Do not manipulate a person, because in this way you can lose a loved one. Many girls blackmail their soulmates with sex, which only provokes them to cheat.
  7. Another mistake is the establishment of matriarchy. Keep in mind that not all men agree to be under the thumb and play a secondary role in a relationship. Sooner or later, this state of affairs will get bored, both for a man and a woman, and the couple will break up.

By following the rules considered and listening to your heart, you will certainly be able to make life together a real fairy tale.


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