Love at first sight

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Love at first sight

Love at first sight is the most romantic and… controversial feeling. They do not believe in it, but secretly wait, reject it, inspire it to create films, poems, books. We will reflect on whether there is love at first sight, what are its signs and what, in fact, this feeling is.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Disbelief in love at first sight, as a rule, comes to us over the years, after a series of disappointments and … with experience. We learn to distrust, and the fear of being hurt grows and flourishes. And then the moment comes when we skeptically declare that we do not believe, we reject the possibility of the existence of love at first sight (despite the fact that disbelief in any phenomenon does not insure us). But it’s nice to think that each of us in the next moment can be pierced by a vivid feeling and understanding (albeit ephemeral) that this is for life.

Psychology, as a rule, views love at first sight through the prism of the understanding that love is not an instant feeling, it takes time to crystallize from a shared experience. At the same time, it is believed that just over a minute is enough for us to make a choice in favor of a certain partner. In 90 seconds, the brain manages to compare the image of the ideal (in our view) partner with the image of a stranger. Considering that this choice may be justified in the future, why not consider it love at first sight?

Problems of love at first sight

What is considered love at first sight. As a rule, the first meeting is meant, since the condition for the emergence of this type of love does not have to be a glance and only one. It has been proven that sometimes we are in such a state when something in the person we meet suddenly permeates the entire consciousness (more precisely, the subconscious), we seem to “recognize” him, tearing out the image from the faceless crowd. The problem is that «recognition» means automatically sketching a portrait that you think you know in detail. Disappointment comes if the difference is too great. However, agree that this is not a rule. But the real rule “love is blind” can help you smoothly survive the correction of the image.

Now let’s talk about how we react to a sudden feeling. Most people admit to averting their eyes when they meet the eyes of a person who has impressed them. At the same time, the story of love at first sight is replete with examples when completely unfamiliar people are already holding hands in a minute, as if they had known each other all their lives. There are many stories of relationships in our world, and although they are all individual, they can be divided into main groups. «Love at first sight» is one of them. After all, people experience disappointment sometimes even after many years of living together. Why not give a chance to a feeling that entered life so quickly, if it brought so much color and joy.

You just need to remind yourself:

    do you believe in love at first sight

  • you love a person you are about to get to know. Don’t think you know him. Discover new qualities, enjoy the novelty;
  • suddenly found half has the right to be itself. Do not try to remake a man, this is rarely beneficial in a long-term relationship.

And, most importantly, there is no need to spoil the surging feelings with feelings and fears, because no one can predict what they will lead to. Enjoy what you have experienced, love and be loved! And, who knows, perhaps when your future children ask how you met your dad, you will answer “it was love at first sight” …


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