Male psychology or how to understand a man

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Male psychology or how to understand a man

Sometimes it is very difficult for women to understand men, although their psychology is not as complicated as it seems. This does not mean that men are ordinary and uncomplicated! It’s just that they are much more specific and do not like to complicate things, and in general they do not behave at all like women — this is the difficulty!

Let’s get acquainted with the basic properties of male psychology in order to learn to understand men and learn how to better respond to their behavior and actions.

Character and emotions

Men are characterized by assertiveness and harshness, impatience and aggressiveness, will and ability to resist. They are proud of their strength and determination and always strive to surpass others — because they are vain and very sensitive to victories and defeats. And although they do not show their emotions as freely and openly as women, they are just as prone to pessimism, resentment and irritation. Only their facial expressions will remain restrained, and only by indirect signs can one guess that the man is in a bad mood. That is why their psychology is difficult for women — how can she understand that a man is hurt or offended if he does not show it in any way? So just remember: anything that affects his self-esteem can upset him.

Self respect and pride

Reproaches and criticism, reminders of shortcomings and blunders hit a man’s pride very painfully. Therefore, having said something unpleasant once, close the topic and do not return to it again. After all, men themselves do just that — having spoken out in a dispute or conflict, they no longer remember it.

They are individualists — it is important for them to feel their independence and freedom. And self-respect cannot be taken away from them, and self-esteem is usually overestimated, but without this they, as conquerors and pioneers, cannot do without it.

But while they attach great importance to the opinions and assessments of others, they themselves are extremely inattentive to them. A woman has changed her hairstyle or put on new beads, has recently cried or is worried about something — this may not be noticeable to a man, and no matter how difficult it is to understand — such is male psychology!

How to learn to understand a man in a conversation?

There is nothing easier — after all, a man always says what he thinks, and if he tries to deceive, then this is usually immediately visible. That’s the whole difficulty is often that men are mostly laconic. When everything is in order, they do not consider it necessary to discuss it. Well, if something happens that requires an immediate decision or action, men prefer to get down to business instead of talking. Therefore, it is so difficult for them in a situation of stress or severe shocks: they also experience and feel everything, but it is easier for them to solve problems than to talk about them. From this we can conclude that his silence is not indifference or indifference, he simply does not know what to say.

Male psychology and relationships: how to understand a man’s feelings

Men love differently than women. Their love may not involve flowers and beautiful confessions every day. They sincerely believe that words spoken once are enough. After all, men do not like to talk a lot. Therefore, watch not what a man says, but what he does.

A man who loves you will declare that you are his woman. He will not hide your relationship and will say — “This is my girlfriend”, or “My wife”, or “My bride”, or “My beloved”. What does it mean to understand a manHe will not force you to beg him for money for the necessary purchases. He will try to provide for you so that you do not need anything. He will try to protect you from any threat — be it a pesky ex-boyfriend or a low-hanging branch ready to whip you in the face.

And if it is important for you to hear what he thinks about you — ask directly, men do not like hints. Just do not rush to be satisfied with a banal set of phrases — kind, smart, beautiful … Ask — why are you kind, what is smart about, what is the most beautiful thing about you? If your interlocutor cannot answer, he meets with you for some of his goals and most likely does not experience passionate feelings. A loving man will easily tell you how he treats you and what he appreciates in you.


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