Man’s love

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Man's love

It would seem that love, especially the love of two people, should be the same for them. However, women’s and men’s love is strikingly different. It’s no secret that men and women think differently, look at the world differently and analyze situations differently. That’s the male view of love is completely different from the female.

If a woman loves, she will show her feelings as much as possible. For her, it is simply necessary to be near the object of love, touch him, feel his presence and constantly prove his love to him with pleasant little things. True male love manifests itself in a completely different way. A man is unlikely to call you several times a day to wish you a pleasant day or good night. Let’s look at what and how male love is manifested.

Signs of male love

To highlight the concept of «male love», and what it can be, you need to know the main differences between male and female love. Men’s love is not amenable to outbursts of emotions and uncontrolled outbursts of passion. There is a so-called iron male logic in love. Male love is more logical and consistent, it arises gradually and grows every day.

The main manifestation of male love is that your relationship develops into a qualitatively new stage. The time of the first love and burning passion passes, and the man realizes that the woman next to him is suitable for the role of a life partner. True male love for a woman manifests itself precisely at this stage and is characterized by the following features.

  1. A man identifies himself with his partner, uses “we” instead of “I” in a conversation, takes care of living together, makes plans for the future.
  2. A man spends more time with a woman than with friends and relatives — this is a sign that he is really interested and comfortable in her company.
  3. A man becomes the initiator of a joint pastime — both in leisure and in everyday life and everyday life. It brings partners very close.
  4. A man introduces his chosen one to his parents and friends, as if introducing her into his life, into his previously closed circle.
  5. A man trusts his apartment / car to a woman — this is a sign of the highest trust and location.
  6. Even a serious quarrel (in the event that it ends in reconciliation) can be a sign of true male love, because in this way a man fights for a woman and shows that she is not indifferent to him.
  7. The man not only talks about joint plans for the future, but also shows some actions. This is the most important and final sign of the manifestation of male love.

Strengthening male love

So, you are sure that a man loves you and wants to be with you. However, in order to really interest him and not let his feelings cool down, it is worth listening to some advice.

  1. Be invariably cheerful, come up with interesting joint plans, do not succumb to sadness and despondency, become a “holiday woman” for a man, with whom he is always interested, cheerful and carefree. Male view of loveAnd then he will want to spend more time with you.
  2. Do not impose, keep your distance, do not bother, respect men’s freedom and independence. A man must come to the right conclusions himself, your efforts to tell him the “correct answer” can lead to the opposite result.
  3. Keep a mystery for a man in yourself, try to make him want to know as much as possible about you, do not open up to him completely, give yourself a break from your partner too.
  4. Support the man’s hobbies, even if you are not enthusiastic about them, or at least be neutral about them.
  5. Try to please his friends and parents, because their opinion of you is very important for a man.


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