Men always come back

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men always come back

How often, looking back, we state that a personal tragedy followed one of those scenarios that, years later, even seem beaten to us. One of them is as old as the world: men return to the former.

He is gone, and in an instant a wave of resentment makes him hateful. Then, for some reason, only good things were remembered, but vague flashes of desire for revenge flashed in my soul. Later, the hatred also passed, the pain and longing for the beloved remained. The bad has disappeared from your memory, and it seems to you that such wonderful moments as with him will never happen again. You begin to blame yourself and continue to wait for him, maybe because you just got used to waiting. Men who appear in your life do not pass the test for «like him.» And you do not let happiness into your life, perhaps quite consciously. Maybe you are trying to get it back, but they have not been successful so far.

And finally, you feel that life begins to bring joy. You begin to be inspired by the looks of strangers, you spread your wings. You meet a new man. You hear the familiar notes of love in the heart. And suddenly he appears…

Why do men return to the former, and why their psychology is such that they choose the most inopportune moment for this. As in the song: «I will stop waiting for you, and you will come … all of a sudden.»

Why do men always come back?

Well, first, let’s start with what is not always. But often. First you need to understand why men leave us, and only then — why they come back.

Perhaps your relationship reaches the point where he stops feeling like a man. The way he was for you at the dawn of a relationship. You are no longer admired (and perhaps already annoyed) by his sense of humor, you perceive him as a proper appendage in your life. You don’t try to look like you just stepped out of a beauty salon in front of him. And then there is the one who is thrilled by his jokes, the one who is always cheerful and well-groomed. A man is passionate, he feels needed, loved. And he goes to where he is welcome, where life is not overshadowed by scandals and everyday life.

After what time men return in this case. As a rule, as soon as the bouquet and candy period ends with a new passion. When he finds that his jokes are no longer so funny, and scandals happen more and more often. Why is this happening? Because we tend to choose a certain type of people according to our worldview. And the former begins to remember you, and his memories are often painted in warm colors. Then, having rushed about, the man often returns to the family.

In what other cases do our men return. Let’s look at an example.

Perhaps you have sacrificed yourself on the altar of the family. She took care of her husband like a small child. I forgot about myself. In such cases, the man is tempted to behave like a small child. Take what is not allowed. To brush aside annoying, in their opinion, hyperprotection. And then the husband left. Because he is independent. Needless to say, after how many men return in such a scenario. Of course, as soon as they feel that they do not have enough warmth and care. Few women will give so much care at the dawn of a relationship. First, the child went to men go back to their exevil, to prove that he is an adult, and was looking for a woman who would perceive him that way. Secondly, women, as a rule, first look for care from their soulmate.

It happens, of course, that a man is overwhelmed by passion or love. You were an example of the best wife in the world, and now you are left with nothing. How often do men go back to ideal wives? Yes. But, unfortunately, their ideality is sometimes a deterrent. Many begin to humiliate their wife, trying to prove to the whole world and to themselves that she has more strength and power. Is it worth it to accept such a man if he returns to the family, it’s up to you …


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