Men love with their eyes

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men love with their eyes

Each of us at least once in our lives has heard this magic formula «men love with their eyes.» As a rule, along with the realization of this fact, a huge number of reasons for reflection fall on a woman.

It turns out that in order to please a man who is interested, it is not enough just to be educated, well-read or with a good sense of humor. It is even possible that upbringing, good manners or the ability to maintain any conversation will not help the situation. Men love with their eyes, which means that first of all you need to be well-groomed, neat and fit. In general — to have a pleasant, inviting appearance. And women begin to run around beauty salons and fitness centers, go for all sorts of tricks, follow fashion and the latest trends, and every day invariably wake up two to three hours before leaving the house to appear at work “at the parade”.

On the one hand, all this seems a little unfair — a woman, for example, pays less attention to the appearance of a man. Moreover, if a man does not smell like a flower bed, but look like a handsome man from a magazine, this can even play into his hands.

A woman, looking at such a man, will understand that he is appropriate in everyday life: she can nail a shelf and fix a stool, she knows where the candles are in the car, she will be able to fix the fence in the country. You can live with such a man without fear that physical work will fall on the fragile female shoulders.

Why do men love with their eyes?

With men it’s a little different. It is important for him that the object of his love is certainly an object of admiration and desire. And not only him, but also preferably those around him. That is why a man loves with his eyes. For any representative of the stronger sex, a well-groomed woman nearby is an indicator of his own success and wealth.

There is nothing surprising. It’s like a beautiful package of delicious candy. Many men are visuals, and the way men love with their eyes helps a woman to interest him in herself.

However, there is a scientific explanation for all this. Scientists at the University of California conducted a study to find out why men love with their eyes. And it turned out that in many ways they are driven by chemical reactions in the body. Looking at the beautiful, well-groomed how men love with their eyesA woman in men produces two vital hormones:

  • testosterone (hormone of happiness). It is responsible for well-being and health, vitality increases, strength and energy appear to conquer the cosmos and bring you stars from the sky.
  • cortisol. This hormone calms the nervous system, stabilizes the emotional state and generally has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

So think, dear women, that you can create with just your appearance with almost any man!


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