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More precisely, the more modern society develops, the more such absurdities appear, such as, for example, ardent, thinking misogynists.

He lies in wait for women everywhere and everywhere. In most cases, you may not immediately understand that you have a misogynist in front of you — this representative of a terrible judgment about women. When applying for a new job, at a concert or on public transport, at a service station or in a restaurant, at a refresher course or at a resort. There are such men. And the appearance of this on the horizon is a real ATTENTION for a woman.

Where do misogynists come from?

Oh, they have many reasons to treat the weak half of humanity this way. And, it is worth noting, not all of them are so groundless and unfounded. I would rather say that both women and men are equally to blame for the emergence of this trend. There are several main reasons why a man is a misogynist. Proceeding from them, misogynists can be divided into several types.

Type one: smart

The most common attitude towards women is «stupid chicken». This misogynist firmly believes that he is indeed significantly more developed in terms of intelligence than any woman. “What will you take from her? She’s a bone!» he says, referring to the biblical idea of ​​the creation of woman.

It’s easy to recognize these. They are a lot outraged that women interfere in their own business when they are engaged in politics, business, or in general at least something other than everyday life. They firmly believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. If you suspect that your friend is such a misogynist, take a good look. He will certainly try to move you away from making decisions in the early stages, and then he will increasingly try to dominate you, believing that he «knows everything better.» In the future, it may even be forbidden to work or do anything other than children and at home.

The reason for this attitude is simple. A man may be subconsciously afraid that a woman will be better than him, smarter, more successful in some way. In the depths, as you understand, is a complex of its own insolvency.

Type two: abandoned

His holy conviction is «all women are whores.» «Oh woman, your name is treachery!» — the misogynist will quote you, and triumphantly look from above, they say, he got to the core of you, he knows what drives you and how fickle you are.

Well visible from afar, one has only to push him to discuss this topic. Like, I have one friend, she acted so badly with a guy here — she cheated, betrayed, left, left. And then listen and watch. This topic is painful for him and most likely he will react aggressively to the behavior of a fictitious girlfriend.

You probably guessed the reasons yourself. Once upon a time, a woman cheated on him. He believed, and she did. It would never occur to this type to wonder WHY a woman did this. This misogynistic man will take it as an axiom that this is inherent in female nature and will treat you accordingly.

There are, however, more options: a mother who left her family, a woman who betrayed a friend, etc. Any situation in which a man was “circled around his finger” and humiliated.

Type three: unsatisfied

These are shots, so to speak, not sparkling with beauty. Lack of attention from the female sex, failure, unrequited love, multiplied by a subconscious understanding of one’s own insolvency and stupidity — the misogynist is ready.

These usually assert themselves at the expense of women. They are the frequent guests on pickup courses. There they memorize the successors and soon begin to put all the surrounding women to bed in piles, then getting special pleasure from the process of “throwing” them.

Somewhere in the depths, they understand that the woman was the cause of his problems and self-doubt, and this, as a natural reaction, gives rise to aggression towards the very cause.

Type four: vindictive

Well, every woman has met this at least once in her life!

He closely coexists with the «abandoned», but if he hates women for his personal offense, then the avenger has an obsession with getting even for all men. For him, this is a matter of honor. The misogynistic avenger firmly believes that all women are bitches, and sooner or later they will show their vile, nasty nature.

Often sexually attractive, which makes it easy to mislead a woman, fool her and then — revenge-revenge-revenge. In principle, it is enough to meet such a pseudo-knight once in order not to fall for such tricks again.

Type five: envious

From the name it is clear where his sore spot is. This misogynist likes to repeat that, they say, women have an easier life, because everything is given simply “for beautiful eyes.” He accuses all women of venality and prostitution, reproaches the achievement of goals through bed.

Covers up, thus own inconsistency. He believes that a woman is a cunning creature, but absolutely mediocre, and only parasitizes on male achievements and successes. Which, of course, he cannot do. He, the poor, has to achieve everything himself. That’s where envy comes from. And then hate.

club of misogynists

In general, there are catastrophically many misogynists in our time. It is estimated that out of 3 billion men on the planet, every 60th is a misogynist. In this opinion, the men united no worse than in the love of football. Almost every city has its own club of misogynists, and, as a rule, more than one.

Separately, it is worth noting that in MUCH women are to blame themselves. There is no smoke without fire, you know. Try to be as reasonable as possible and not treat men disrespectfully, consumeristically. And, perhaps, our daughters and granddaughters will be less likely to encounter this worldview that is contrary to nature.


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