Problems of a young family

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Problems of a young family

Most people, sooner or later, create families. At first, family life seems like a fairy tale, the spouses experience happiness and immense love towards each other. But the modern world in recent years has changed the common features that were previously characteristic of young families. The problems of a young family form a new type of family. It is in such a family that its unity, cohesion depends on mutual understanding, affection, devotion and personal attitude towards each other of family members.

The problems of young families today are an urgent task for its study and understanding of the psychological causes of these problems. Let us consider in more detail the most significant problems of young families and try to understand how to cope with these family difficulties.

The main problems of a young family

In modern reality, the problems of newlyweds are diverse. The source of their occurrence is, first of all, both the lack of previous state support and social protection for young families.

It is worth noting that experts say that in the CIS countries the biggest problem of a young family lies in such four features as:

  1. Lack of a sufficient level of financial and material security for young families. So, today the income of newlyweds is 2 times less than in general in the state.
  2. The social problems of young families include increased both financial and material needs, which is associated with the need to organize family life, acquire their own living space, etc.
  3. The period of socialization of the spouses (obtaining an education, a job).
  4. Psychological adaptation in a young family. Thus, 18% of families need psychological counseling from specialists.

In connection with the current situation in the development of society, there are two main blocks of family problems: socio-psychological and socio-economic. They are classified into a number of main problems:

  1. housing problems. It is safe to say that this problem is one of the main ones for young spouses. After all, modern society no longer has the opportunity to get free housing, as it was before. And in the free market, it is difficult for an ordinary young family to immediately buy a home. Only a few have separate apartments. In this regard, young families choose one of the accommodation options: a private, state-owned apartment or a family-type hostel.
  2. Financial and domestic problems. Every young family is faced with financial problems, difficulties with everyday unsettledness. The parents of the spouses can help in resolving this problem. Their experienced look, vision of this problem will be able to open a second wind in a young family.
  3. Employment. Low wages and income, general material insecurity — this is one acute big problem for a young family. After all, dissatisfaction with basic earnings forces a young couple to look for work in another city, and options for traveling to other countries are not ruled out.
  4. medical problems. It was revealed that those women who are not married suffer more from chronic diseases than married ones. The occurrence of these medical problems is significantly influenced by the lack of male support, support, family disorder. This means that the protection of the health of a young family in its reproductive age should be at an appropriate level. After all, the effectiveness of the function of childbearing depends on it.
  5. social problems of young families

  6. Psychological problems of a young family. The construction of a young family in modern society takes place without a foundation on any teachings, laws, science. At the beginning of family life, the spouses form stereotypes of communication, the adoption of a partner’s value system. Partners unconsciously seek to find a type of relationship that will satisfy both in the future.

So, the problems of a young family are the problem of the formation of each of the partners as a person. Its adaptation to adult life.


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