Psychology of guys

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Psychology of guys

“He just looked at me! Yes, he only thinks about one thing! I think he likes me.» Agree, familiar phrases? Surely, each of us at least once in his life mentioned such expressions in a conversation with friends. Sometimes it seems to all of us that males are completely bad, and we speak different languages ​​with them. But the fact is that the psychology of guys is completely different from that of a girl, and their thinking will never coincide with female logic. What to do, and how to find a common language with our men? Let’s try to figure it out.

The psychology of guys — how to understand them?

To begin with, we begin to think about relationships with the onset of adolescence. And throughout this period, and it lasts from 14 to 22 years old, views on life change under the pressure of circumstances and experience. For all guys, this age passes individually. But still, there are general characteristics that apply to everyone.

The psychology of young guys can be divided into several stages. All of them depend on age and those needs that are leading at that time and, undoubtedly, affect relationships with girls.

Psychology of guys at 14 years old. This age is the most difficult to start any relationship. The concept of love in guys is confused with a biological sexual feeling. And if we take into account that girls at this age have an emotional-romantic attitude towards relationships, then in most cases the relationship ends with the classic belief that «they only need one thing.»

Psychology of guys at 16-17 years old. This period is wonderful because most of the young men have already decided in their feelings and worldviews. This is the time of pure and bright first love. The attachment of a guy to a girl at this age is very high, and any termination of a relationship at the initiative of a girl can become a serious mental trauma for a guy. But again, do not forget about the second type of men who are still in search of their ideal. If you notice that your young man communicates with your girlfriend with the same interest as with you, or constantly makes new acquaintances, you should think about whether you are dealing with a classic womanizer?

Psychology of guys at 18-20 years old. This age to the same extent in both sexes is associated with the choice of a profession and the definition of one’s place in life. The personality of the guys is usually already formed, and they clearly imagine their future. Here you can meet several types of young people:

  • The first type is interested in everything except girls. As a rule, these are either guys obsessed with a career, cars or friends. If you have met such a type, then know that he either has not “worked up” yet, or vice versa, in his life there have already been relationships in which he was burned;
  • the second type of guys, on the contrary, is too fixated on the weak field. Such people are very open in companies, have a lot of ambitions, and do not miss a single skirt. And with girls, such men are a huge success. However, it is important to remember that the psychology of the behavior of guys of this type lies in the presence of a bunch of complexes and a desire to assert themselves;
  • about the third type of guys, the famous female belief that «all the good men are already taken» is composed. These are independent people who are serious about relationships and respect their beloved. The secret of the uniqueness of such guys is simple — a lot here depends on the girl herself. What does it take to get a guy like that? Let’s explore further.

Psychology of guys in a relationship

Since we are talking about male logic, let’s dispel all the myths lovingly created by the female mind. Guys will never think the way we imagine it to. If you want to understand your young man, learn to think simpler. Coming up with different problems, panicking from scratch, drawing terrible pictures of betrayal in your head after a text message came to a guy is a purely female prerogative. Men think differently. It doesn’t matter to them that in a cafe someone has the same sweater as his, they never worry about their hair, manicure, dry skin of the face and a thousand other small female problems. If you want to have the perfect guy next to you, remember a few simple rules:

  • men love with their eyes. For some reason, many people forget about this fact. No matter how beautiful your inner world is, appearance will be of paramount importance. It doesn’t have to be beautiful. Just know how to take care of yourself and present yourself beautifully;
  • in their hearts, guys will forever remain little boys, only toys will become more solid with age. Therefore, friends, cars and other male weaknesses will always be present in your life with him. Be able to understand and accept this;
  • man is essentially a conqueror. Guys have a genetic desire for leadership. Psychology of guys in a relationshipSo never give up your positions. You simply have to always be a mystery that has yet to be discovered. Don’t let yourself become uninteresting;
  • men are not inclined to show emotions. And if your violent manifestation of feelings is answered with courtesy, or they don’t write messages 200 times a day, this does not mean at all that they don’t like you. It’s just that men keep their feelings deep in their souls.

The psychology of a guy in love is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. If they give you flowers and show signs of attention, then you will certainly be liked, and they will try to win you over. Exceptions here are extremely rare. If a young man is interested in you, he will do everything to keep you close. And your task is to make sure that his interest in you does not fade away. Do not make scandals, trust him, let him know that he is needed and loved. And then your life will be filled with the happiness of harmonious and comfortable relationships.


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