Psychology of men at parting

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psychology of men at parting

Many girls are interested in the psychology of men when parting. After all, in public they can behave as if nothing had happened, as if they feel great and do not worry at all. It is more natural for a woman to show her state of mind at every moment of time with her whole appearance, so sometimes they are surprised at the callousness of men. But is that the point?

Psychology of a man after a breakup

The first and main goal of a man after breaking up with a girl is to make sure that no one understands that it was painful for him to lose her. Therefore, outwardly, he often becomes even more cheerful, more energetic and more cheerful. His sadness is manifested in another way:

  • he tends to drink;
  • he tries to be in companies more often and have fun;
  • he takes on extreme hobbies like fast driving or motocross;
  • he starts seducing girls in batches and making connections for one night.

Of course, girls behave differently: they call for help from a faithful friend and complain, or even lock themselves at home and indulge in their sorrows.

Psychology of a divorced man

A divorced man has a fairly large amount of experience, and the fact of who initiated it plays a big role. The feeling of a man who left his family and the psychology of an abandoned man are two very different, almost polar things. And if the first type can still worry, but generally cope with emotions, then the second one will certainly try to take revenge on women — and it doesn’t matter which one.

The psychology of a single man can be different. Some of them feel uncomfortable as bachelors and quickly seek to start other relationships, others get used to this role so much that it is difficult to get closer later. However, in general, if the experience of marriage was at least somewhat successful, such a man will not delay the proposal when he meets his love again.


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