Relations with a married man — advice from a psychologist

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relationship with a married man psychologist's advice

A love relationship with a married man is one of the most difficult forms of relationship. It happens that it is not easy to understand them either for a woman or for a man himself. Such a relationship can hardly be called a relationship between two people. Other people are voluntarily drawn into them: spouses, children.

How to build a relationship with a married man?

You can find a lot of advice from a psychologist regarding relationships with a married man. However, they all come down to the fact that a woman needs to initially take a sober look at the situation.

Many mistresses say that a married man does not love his wife, but loves her. Of course, he will say this, because otherwise he will not have extramarital affairs. There are various reasons why a married man decides on an extramarital adventure. But among these reasons, only a small percentage belongs to the desire to find a new love and leave the family. Quite often, a man decides on a new relationship, but he is completely unprepared to destroy his family, lose relations with a woman with whom he has been connected by years of marriage, common life, acquaintances and children.

Relations with a married man are difficult because nothing can be demanded from such a lover. And the worst thing is that the mistress will always be given the role of second violin. She may have financial support, but only to the extent that is left from the family. She can claim joint time, but only when the man stealthily runs away from the family.

Often a man goes to extramarital relationships, as additional, but not a substitute for family relationships. Such relationships can last for years unchanged. Promises of divorce can be broken about the illness of the wife, the age of the child, problems at work.

In this case, the woman begins to suffer, how to understand the attitude of a married man. However, she always knows the truth very well, but does not want to accept it. The truth is that in such relationships, men often prefer to sit on two chairs: stay with the family and have a mistress. In such a situation, a woman must decide on other issues:

  • does she want such a relationship, is she ready to stay for their sake without a full-fledged family;
  • whether she is always ready to be in the background and be content with what she has left after her family;
  • whether she is ready to wait many years for his divorce;
  • will she be able to calmly respond if a man gets tired of his mistress?

These and other issues must be resolved immediately, so that later you do not make claims, do not blame the man for everything.

How to maintain a relationship with a married man?

If, despite all the «buts», a woman intends to maintain a relationship with a married man, she should follow these tips:

  1. No need to criticize the man’s wife. Even if he himself complains about her, he may be offended by the words of his mistress, because he still feels his connection with his wife.
  2. Do not tell anyone about this relationship. If the wife accidentally finds out about her husband’s extramarital affair, she can force her husband to stop it.
  3. You can’t pressure a man.
  4. It is necessary to tell a man about his love and about his importance in life.
  5. how to build a relationship with a married man

  6. Since most often a man is looking for good sex on the side, a mistress needs to be a professional in this matter.

Relationship between a married man and a married woman

This type of relationship is more acceptable for many men than a relationship with a free woman. Such mistresses are less demanding, they do not need to give expensive gifts, they have little time for meetings, they react more easily to parting.

However, for a woman, such relationships have more negative than positive. Since a woman is emotional and sensitive by nature, passion on the side almost immediately becomes noticeable to family members. This is why cheating marriages end faster than cheating marriages.


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