Relationship Crisis

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relationship crisis

The emergence of a crisis in every family is inevitable. Sooner or later, the spouses begin to misunderstand each other, to feel coldness and remoteness. Various factors contribute to turning points in relationships — the birth of a child, the departure of a child from the family, changes in the field of activity of one of the spouses, etc. The right attitude, control of the behavior of each of the spouses, and an adequate perception of changes in fate will help to smooth out periods of crisis.

When does a relationship crisis occur?

A crisis in relationships occurs during the formation of a family, i.e. in the first year of marriage. When the romantic month ends, routine and responsibilities appear in family life. Some newlyweds are not ready for such practical changes, because dreaming about marriage (a beautiful wedding dress, a sea of ​​roses, etc.) is one thing, but standing by the stove every day is quite another. In the first year of marriage, spouses must change some of their habits, learn to help each other cope with household chores. Not all couples manage to go through this turning point “painlessly”, first discontent arises, then quarrels and scandals, the spouses cease to understand each other.

The crisis in marital relations begins at the birth of the first child. With the advent of the baby, many women begin to concentrate all their attention on the child and “forget” about their husband. At the same time, it seems to the wife that the husband pays little attention to the child and her, cares little, has not changed his way of life, as she, for example, does not get up to the child at night, etc.

The husband, in turn, feels that his wife has moved away, she no longer loves him. Some men even notice that their spouse smells like milk and feel disgusted. Against the background of misunderstanding, lack of free time with the advent of the first son or daughter, spouses often have serious disagreements.

“The flight of the last chick from the nest” also leads to a crisis, that is, when the last child starts his family and leaves his parental home, the spouses feel a certain emptiness, the whole habitual way of life changes.

How to survive a crisis in a relationship?

An adequate assessment of your behavior will help you survive all the crises of family relationships. After all, many spouses begin to blame each other and completely forget about their own missteps. During the brewing of a scandal, you should look for all the problems in yourself, try to go from the «I». In fact, psychologists say that both are to blame for any quarrel — one did wrong, marital crisisthe other took it negatively and made it even worse.

If you learn to be tolerant and understanding, you will get through the tipping points with less “loss” in your sensual relationships. Each scandal «kills» love, the more loud insults, the faster feelings go out. Sometimes a few hours of restraint can save the brightness and sincerity of mutual relations for many years.

When solving the question — how to overcome a crisis in a relationship, learn not to rely on your half, so that later you do not blame her «for all serious things.» Because of unjustified hopes, grievances are born that destroy even the strongest relationships.


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