Sign language of men

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male body language

It has long been known that a lot more information can be extracted from the body language of men than from a normal conversation. Gestures will instantly give out real feelings, even when a person hides them. Knowing the body language and gestures of men, you can not only guess what the interlocutor is thinking, but also his specific intentions. And this, you see, will come in handy in any situation. So, let’s present several options that will help any woman think about her future behavior:

Gestures of guys that mean sympathy

In the presence of an object of sympathy, the guy straightens his clothes, smoothes or ruffles his hair, so subconsciously he tries to look better. His intrusion into your personal space and his head tilted in your direction during your conversation speaks of attempts to get closer. Fleeting touches betray his interest in you.

A sign of a good mutual understanding of the interlocutors is the similarity of the postures taken and the style of communication. When a man copies your movements, there are two options: either he consciously adjusts to you or does it unconsciously. But in any case, it’s good, he makes contact.

Lack of interest in a man in sign language

Sometimes, after the first date, the girl is at a loss as to why the young man does not call her. But if she knew how to understand the guy’s gestures, it would be clear to her that he did not like her. So, if a guy is bored, he internally disagrees with you, the discussion becomes a burden to him, he only thinks about how to leave as soon as possible, you will notice such gestures: touching his ear, holding his chin with his palm, his toes will be directed towards the exit . Boredom is also indicated by tapping your foot on the floor, clapping the cap of a fountain pen, mechanically painting on paper and a blank look. When you appear, he crosses his arms or legs — you have no chance, he does not see you as a woman and a sexual partner.

Lies in the body language of men

Knowing what the guy’s gestures mean, you can easily determine when he will lie. His hand reaches for his mouth or touches his nose, during your conversation, most likely you should not trust what was said. The person telling a lie, looks away, occasionally looking into your eyes to make sure that you believed him. An inexperienced liar will mumble, move the conversation to another topic, fiddle with foreign objects in his hands. An experienced liar, in order not to miss your reaction, on the contrary, will carefully look into your eyes. At the same time, he will often squint or blink.

The sign language of men should be interpreted very carefully, as some gestures have a double meaning. For example, nervousness and shifty eyes do not necessarily indicate a lie — a shy and reserved person will have the same behavior. You can accurately understand a man by analyzing his actions.

To understand the gestures of guys, in your free time, watch others, analyze their actions. So you can see the patterns that people use even with meager gestures and facial expressions. You can use simple exercises to train mindfulness. Turn the TV on mute and focus on the dialogue on the screen. Observe the facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutors. Try to guess what the conversation is about and what position someone has. After a while, you can turn on the sound and check yourself. At first guys gesturesfor training use feature films. Actors, in order to enhance the impression and convey emotions, try to actively use gestures. When there are no difficulties with films, you can switch to programs with politicians and journalists. These people are trained to hide their feelings and emotions. When you start to guess their thoughts, consider that you are already an expert.

It would not be entirely correct to characterize a man by facial expression alone or a couple of separate gestures. It is important to generally perceive the entire body language and draw a conclusion from the totality of all signals.


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