The closest person

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the closest person

«Human needs human». Every day we encounter a huge number of different people. Age, character, point of view, appearance, physique, manners — everything is different, there are similar ones, but there are simply no identical ones! We meet and talk, make friends and quarrel. Many of us are interested, but how to find your own, dear and close from such a multitude? It happens that we find a person, get used to him so much that we simply cannot imagine our life without him. But then, over time, unfortunately, it happens to part with it. And then, for a reason that is incomprehensible to us, we diligently, but uselessly, try to find in the guise of someone else’s personality something familiar, which “that” person left in our memory after ourselves … And after a certain period of time, we will be able to accidentally meet the one who was previously «his own», and not to recognize him … It’s sad.

Fortunately, much more often, we do not lose loved ones, because we value them! Two kindred souls do not want to lose each other, and this reciprocity is very strong, and the strength of the relationship is very powerful.

How does it happen that a close person is nearby?

Physics has proven that opposites attract. But in order to build any relationship, it is necessary to have something in common, something that would unite interests. It is also obvious that people who are too similar, almost the same, will not be able to endure each other for a long time. Think about it, would you get along with someone like you? Unlikely. Because each of us has a completely different percentage of one or another character trait. That is why it is customary to seat a silent and speaking person at the table so that there is no clash and boredom! When the most opposite people meet, they seem to complement each other. What the first lacked in life is abundant in the second, and vice versa. At first, it can be difficult to find compromises, because opinions can differ greatly. But if you make an effort and try to understand and hear your loved one, this tandem will soon become the most successful, and the couple is doomed to happiness! After such a union, they will need each other for life. Maybe that’s why often a man or a woman is looking for people who are similar to their ex: either in appearance or in character.

The closest person is not necessarily of the opposite sex. It can be mom or dad, brother or sister. Since these people live with us, if we are not closed, they know us like no one else. Moreover, in such people the same blood flows. Family is the most precious thing we have, the most valuable thing we need to protect! We must be grateful to our parents for raising us.

Oddly enough, the closest people may not be relatives at all. It’s just that kindred spirits met, and understanding reigns in relationships, like with no one else. We often see such an example in male friendship, when a friend is considered a real brother.

And in no case should you make a choice between close people. Try to make time for everyone! It’s not right to choose between mom and girlfriend, boyfriend and friend. If you begin to set such conditions, remember that the person to whom you are truly dear will not agree to this.

And when the closest person is near, we feel carefree and calm, we don’t need anyone else … close people nearbyand it’s wonderful!

What makes people close?

No one can give a definite answer to this question. After all, everyone has their own cases and stories. But absolutely all relationships are built on the same ground. Mutual understanding, respect, attentiveness and gratitude — this is the first mandatory step in order to have the closest people nearby!

It is very important to be able to understand and forgive. You need to be attentive to people dear to your heart, never offend them. Close people feel each other, so do not allow doubts! Take care of your relationship!


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