The guy threw, how to survive — advice from a psychologist

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abandoned guy how to survive

Romantic relationships don’t always bring joy, sometimes they hurt as well. How to survive if a guy left — with such a problem, unfortunately, girls are not so rare. In this situation, expert advice can help.

Psychologist’s advice: how to survive a situation when a guy left?

  1. Don’t lock yourself in. Meet friends, find a new interesting hobby, immerse yourself in work, spend more time with your family, make the most of your free time by communicating with others to the maximum.
  2. Don’t dig into yourself. Yes, you are not perfect, but that’s not why they left you. For someone, you will definitely become a guiding star, you will be cherished and cherished, wait for this and constantly remind you that it will be so.
  3. Try to talk to your ex-lover, figure out why the breakup happened. You may still be able to get it back.
  4. Look around, appreciate the men around you. Maybe a new love is already waiting for you, which you did not notice before, and this time it will be real and happy. Just let her into your life.
  5. Finally, take care of yourself. You have a lot of free time, so it is worth spending it on improving self-esteem. Update your wardrobe, hair, get yourself a tattoo that you have long dreamed of, but which your boyfriend forbade you.
  6. abandoned guy how to survive

How to survive a breakup if the guy cheated, used and abandoned?

No matter how terrible it sounds, the situation can be even more unpleasant when there were no reciprocal feelings on the part of the guy and he simply deceived you. And at the same time he used, for example, he lived in your apartment and pulled money out of you. In this case, the answer to the question of how to survive a breakup when the guy left, there can be only one: forget him. But make a note for the future not to be so gullible and not to rush into it without learning at least a minimum of information about a person.


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