The joy of life

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the joy of life

The ability to enjoy even the smallest positive moments in life is not given to us from birth, but is developed over many years. Someone learns to enjoy life’s moments after a big loss or, being on the verge of a catastrophe, while others have endless optimism by virtue of nature.

Scientists have proven that people who are able to enjoy life live a long and happy life. Also, frequent positive emotions leave their “imprint” on the face in the form of raised corners of the lips, while the face always has a joyful expression. But for pessimistic people, the face becomes gloomy and changes little even in the “bright” days of their lives.

How to get joy from life?

A person receives joy from life if he is satisfied with the surrounding situation. That is, when you like work, cozy at home, friendly family — a person receives a lot of positive emotions from life. However, in similar situations, some people are satisfied with their work, while others are not. For example, some parents are very happy that their child is an excellent student, while others are not satisfied with this status. Therefore, whether a person will enjoy life or not depends on himself, and not on the surrounding well-being, because. there are many unfortunate rich people and just as many poor people who are contented with their lives.

Many moments bring joy in a person’s life, but first of all, it is relaxation and new positive sensations. Any favorite work eventually becomes less interesting and automated. Even people of creative specialties (artists, designers) after a few years note that they are already tired of inventing and inventing, that the process of creating works takes place without emotional accompaniment. However, it is worth going on vacation, changing the environment for a couple of weeks, and again a person is full of joy and strength to create new masterpieces.

Endless joy can be obtained from family life, in a friendly family everyone supports each other, and a positive attitude takes possession of every member of the family. It’s so nice to walk with your loved one in the park, to be happy for every smile of the baby. The family is a small world filled with joys that are understandable only to the members of this unit. After all, only a mother can smile if the baby dressed awkwardly, uttered an expression describing any actions in the family, but in his own way.

In a close-knit family, the older generation shares wise advice, teaches them to bypass the “sharp corners” of life and teaches them to rejoice even in failures. If adults perceive failures with a smile, then the younger generation will also learn to look positively at the «lessons of fate» and not consider their misdeeds as «God’s punishment», over which pessimists will lament for several days.

There are a lot of simple joys in life, for example, the sun is shining — and already many people are smiling. When a person is positively disposed, literally everything causes joy in him — the laughter of someone else’s child, kissing lovers on a nearby bench, birdsong, leaf fall, etc.

How to find the joy of life?

If you know how to find the positive in all incidents, then you are probably satisfied with your life, you know how to enjoy every day. After all, every casejoys of family life has its beautiful sides, be able to see them, feel them — and the smile will not leave your face. Each of us is only as happy as we are ready to be happy.

If the joy of life has disappeared due to problems at work, always remember that family is more important than any job. Coming home after a hard day tired and irritated, you spoil the mood of everyone around, think — your work is worth such sacrifices. Sometimes you have to take a sharp step towards new changes, lose your job, which is a burden today, but find peace in the family and the prospect of better employment.


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