Topics for conversation with a man

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Topics for conversation with a man

With men, as with women, it is difficult to find a common language the first time. In order to choose the right topics for a conversation with a man, you must not forget about the main rules of communication with the opposite sex. It is easier for a woman and a woman to find common ground, because both are created from the same nature in comparison with a man.

To begin with, before understanding what words men like, let’s move on to reviewing the main tips regarding the psychology of communicating with the Adams:

  1. Men need less communication than women. Most women do not spare their partners when they share their impressions of the past day. Sometimes you need to stop at the right moment before your man loses his temper.
  2. Don’t forget the purpose of your communication. Usually, this is typical of men. But, if you want to learn how to talk to a man correctly, create a goal for your conversation. If your conversation will be “about nothing”, immediately warn your partner about the frivolity of the conversation, he should not look for requests, questions or any hints in it.
  3. Forget hints. It has long been a known fact that a man either recognizes a hint very poorly, or does not notice it at all in your phrases. It is very difficult for men from the 25 facts you listed in 30 minutes, to read the 26th between the lines. For them, what you have not mentioned, openly in the conversation, does not exist. Remember that for the best communication with the opposite sex, speak directly about your desires, about life situations. Do not torture him with verbal puzzles.
  4. Use different communication tactics. Men are able to use a communication strategy that, in your opinion, will look too rude.

What should a man say?

As the oriental wisdom says, “Even the most beautiful words can appease the worst snake,” therefore, it will never be superfluous to find out what words to say to a man.

  1. A man is unlikely to approve conversations about purchased items, discounts, various relationships and household chores. They will consider such topics “about nothing”. Men tend to discuss realistic things or those that they will soon implement, about football, politics, etc. Of course, not every woman is able to successfully maintain such a conversation, but then remember that you could be an excellent listener.
  2. Remember that behind every successful man is a woman who loves him. Talk about his success. Encourage him with your words.
  3. Many women tend to discuss their plans out loud, which can confuse your partner. This is not typical for men, they think to themselves, not making it public, but only voice the decision aloud. Men are annoyed by thoughtless female talkativeness.
  4. You have probably noticed that some men in a conversation tend to interrupt the interlocutor, without thinking that this can offend the latter very much. If your interlocutor tends to interrupt you in mid-sentence, use his tactics. Something came to your mind, then feel free to express it.
  5. The man is in your attention for the first 10 — 15 seconds of communication. At first, he listens carefully to you. Never start a conversation with prefaces, go straight to the point, hooking the interlocutor with the topic.

What can not be said to a man?

    what to say to a man

  1. You should not share with a man the whole gamut of your feelings about something. Recall that men experience all their feelings inside and, again, they say out loud only the final result: “I want — I don’t want”, etc.
  2. Do not call your loved one pet names when you are in a public place.
  3. Forget the phrase «You promised.» Decide what you want to say. It is better to speak directly than you are not satisfied.
  4. Do not insult his hobbies, show respect for him, first of all, as a person.

With every man you can find common ground. The main thing is to understand the psychology of communication with men.


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