What are men afraid of?

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what are men afraid of

There are things that we women simply cannot understand. We are used to taking men for strong and fearless personalities, but the older and more experienced the girl becomes, the more the myth of a knight on a white horse is debunked.

In addition to quite intelligible psychological fears, the average man is worried that, according to the social cliché, a representative of a strong position should be smart, wealthy and brave.

What is a respectable man afraid of?

A man with a high level of wealth is very self-sufficient and self-confident, so there are several factors that can hit his pride very hard.

  1. Business. Every wealthy young person struggles to lose their business. In this case, the man really thinks that the world will collapse if his case is “covered”.
  2. Reputation. An image is such a thing that needs to be created over a long period of time, but everything can collapse in one moment. It is this thought that brings any rich man to nervous breakdowns.
  3. Popularity. The worst dream of any man is the loss of attractiveness in the eyes of women.

Why are men afraid of relationships?

When it comes to a serious relationship, most guys turn pale with fear. Some men are afraid to even make eye contact. Sometimes a look can be so informational in nature that just by looking into the eyes of your beloved you can read the most intimate, so guys prefer to hide their look so that everything secret remains the same.

Men are afraid to have children and responsibility because family life is a lot of responsibilities and changes in life. Losing freedom is the worst thing a guy can imagine. Sitting with friends and watching football, or breaking loose in the middle of the night and going to a bar, this is what the life of a bachelor simply cannot do without. In married life, the usual alignment lends itself to adjustment. Psychologists say that in most cases, the fear of taking responsibility in family relationships is due to the fact that the guy was brought up in an incomplete family and did not see role models.

Men prefer to enter into marriage with weak and naive representatives of the fair sex, men are afraid of strong women and try to bypass them. A successful and beautiful girl, as a rule, needs an appropriate man. This provokes constant competition in relationships, and in order to stay in the saddle, guys need to constantly improve themselves, which many of them are simply incapable of.

Why are men afraid of sex?

Not very self-confident representatives of the stronger sex are very anxious about entering into intimacy due to the fact that they are overcome by self-doubt and fear of disappointing their companion with the quality or duration of sexual intercourse. Men are afraid of virgins, because they believe that after the first sex the girl will be imposed, sobbing into the phone and saying that now he owes her a lot, because he deprived her of “honor and conscience” and hint at going to the registry office. Well, as you and I understand, such a point is very subjective and carries only a small fraction of the truth. Undoubtedly, there are girls for whom sex is something very serious and obliging, but most modern ladies treat this activity more adequately and do not attribute such a “universal” meaning to it.

Why are men afraid of divorce?

Contrary to popular belief that only women are afraid of divorce, and men do not at all seek to limit themselves Why are men afraid of relationships?bonds of marriage, it is worth recognizing that they, like us, do not want to remain single in old age. Look at modern women, they “bloom and smell” even at 40 or even 50 years old, while men only gain weight and go bald with age.

To summarize the foregoing, one can only say that a real man is not afraid of anything and is capable of any feats if his beloved requires it. If you need to chop firewood, and if there is no such need, then cook a romantic dinner for your wife, and most importantly, do all this with love and without any reason or hint.


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