What do women do with men?

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What do women do with men

The truth of one wise man that a woman is a neck, and a husband is a head, has become so obvious in the modern world that few people dare to argue with her. However, not everyone knows the details of the subtleties in the relationship between such different representatives of the two sexes. What should a real woman be able to do if she wants to find a strong half of humanity at her feet? You can answer this question and at the same time gain invaluable experience with us.

Women in relationships with men

“You are a woman and you are right,” said one great man. And indeed, to understand what is going on in the heads of the beautiful half, of mankind, the powerful of this world have been trying for many centuries. Meanwhile, women have long come up with many ways to learn how to manipulate men. And I have to say, most of them are great at it. It is high time to write romance novels and whole adventure stories about what men do for women. But it would be wrong to think that all women are insidious and use their soul mates only for personal purposes. The thing is that men and women have differences not only in gender, but also in everything that concerns the psyche and behavior. And there are situations in which you simply cannot do without female tricks. Any spouse is for a man not only the mother of his children and the keeper of the hearth, but also a support, support, an excellent adviser and best friend. That is why it is commonly believed that a woman makes a man strong. She is his second mother, accepts him with all the shortcomings, directs his thoughts and actions in the right direction. But how this happens deserves a separate discussion. So, let’s figure out how and with what help a woman influences a man.

man manipulation

What should a real woman do to achieve her goal and direct the thoughts and actions of a man in the right direction? There are plenty of tricks that the strong half of humanity willingly pecks at. But we will analyze only the most effective ways of how to properly manipulate a man.

  1. Stupid, weak and helpless. Any man will love this role. For the sake of being considered the strongest, the first, the male, and so on, he will move mountains and get stars from the sky. True, there is one caveat — only a really strong man will do this. And the weak one, having heard that he is a real man and an alpha male, will stop doing anything at all.
  2. Flattery or compliments. Contrary to popular belief that women love with their ears, in practice it turns out that the stronger sex is not at all opposed to hearing flattering words addressed to them. Thanks to a couple of affectionate words, flavored with gentle hugs, almost any man will “melt” and be ready for anything that is asked of him.
  3. Jealousy. Another great way that many women use is to flirt with other members of the male population. The feeling that his beloved is spending time with someone else can cause rabies in a man, and he will begin to prove with all his might that he is better, stronger, more gentle and attentive.
  4. Keeper of the hearth. In order to finally bind a man to her, wives often resort to such manipulations as the daily assertion that without her a man would have long been mired in centuries of dust, starved to death and was unemployed. This method does not always work, but in most cases a man really begins to believe that without a woman he would not have achieved anything and would have drowned in mud and poverty.
  5. Scandal. One of the most common ways to achieve your goal is to How to manipulate a mana scene with tears and tantrums that none of the men can normally endure. And in order to stop this as soon as possible, they are ready for anything.

There are so many ways of female manipulation today that it’s time to create an entire encyclopedia dedicated to what women do with men. Insightful and intelligent representatives of the stronger sex are well aware of most of these techniques and prefer to immediately compromise in order to avoid unnecessary hassle. However, truly wise women do not often resort to their tricks. After all, in order to achieve your goal, it is not necessary to make scandals, tantrums, portray a victim or a quivering doe. For a man to be sensitive and attentive, it is enough to support him, to be moderately independent and gentle, and of course to let him know that he is the best and most beloved.


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