What if the girl said that we are friends

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What if the girl said that we are friends

Everyone has been rejected at least once in their life. It’s no secret that the phrase «let’s stay friends«- a veiled form of refusal. Hearing this hurts, but this is not a reason to give up. What to do if young woman said you were just friends?
What if the girl said that we are friends


First, don’t despair. Everyone knows that the female «no» is «yes, but a little later.» Seriously, girls are indeed quite often characterized by extreme inconsistency. Having refused you today, she may change her mind tomorrow.
No need to refuse the offer of friendship, citing the fact that you love her, and do not want to be friends with her. Having said such a phrase, you may no longer see it, which will significantly reduce your chances of winning the girl. Accept the offer of friendship and try to act like a friend.
When young woman refuses you in a close relationship, it is likely that she already has a loved one. If so, her friendship proposal holds a huge chance for you. Try to get close enough to her that she starts talking about her personal problems with you. Having found out what she is satisfied with and what is dissatisfied in her young man, you will learn how to properly behave with her in the future.
Try to instill in yourself as many traits that she likes as possible and not show those that may cause her rejection. Try not to condemn her young man or give out only constructive criticism. If you start to convince her that he is not a couple for her, then in the future she is unlikely to tell you about personal things. After all, while they are still together, and your words will hurt her.
Let her know that you have a life too. She may well reconsider her refusal after learning that she could lose you. Well, if she has to try to make you not only a friend. In this case, she will appreciate your relationship more.

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