What is more terrible indifference or hatred?

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What is more terrible indifference or hatred

The question, to which it is very difficult to give a clear answer, torments more than one generation. What is actually more terrible indifference or hatred? Of course, both greatly hurt a person’s feelings, but, as you know, hatred only hits a person’s feelings and pride, while indifference kills, does this mean that indifference is worse?

So what is indifference? Indifference is the unwillingness to participate both in changes in one’s own life and in changes in public life. People suffering from indifference have no feelings about other people, they are inactive and constantly in a state of apathy.

There are many manifestations of indifference, while hatred is manifested by an exceptionally strong feeling that prevents not only the object that causes it from living, but also the one who radiates this feeling.

Reasons for indifference

The problem of indifference lies in the person himself, in his grievances and the desire to protect himself from the pain inflicted. As a rule, a person begins to experience indifference to life as a kind of protection, so he tries to protect himself from stress and negative emotions.

The desire to protect from the evil world, which has repeatedly rejected and insulted his feelings, leads to the fact that a person unconsciously begins to portray indifference. But this is fraught with consequences. Often, over time, indifference becomes an internal state of the individual, and it manifests itself not only in indifference to social life, but also in indifference to oneself.

The causes of indifference to oneself can be alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, drugs or mental retardation. Short-term forms of indifference are easily cured, as they are mostly due to severe stress or lack of affection and love.

Husband’s indifference

A question that worries women especially, what is the reason for the manifestation of indifference in relationships? And why is there a man’s indifference to the once beloved woman?

The first thing to remember in such a situation is that a man’s indifference does not arise out of nowhere. As a rule, it appears with mutual reproaches and insults, with an unstable sex life, or even its absence. A man will never leave his beloved woman who suits him in bed. Perhaps the reason for her husband’s indifference was an affair on the side. In any case, if one of the spouses began to experience indifference to the other, it is necessary not to concentrate only on yourself, but to talk with your partner. Perhaps the cause of indifference was some kind of everyday conflict that can be easily settled by talking about it. However, if your significant other does not want to listen to anything, much less change in your relationship, then it may be time to leave.

A famous statement by A.P. Chekhov says in this regard: “Indifference is a paralysis of the soul, premature death” and it is not so easy to fight it, but hatred is just an emotion, which by and large is meaningless and fickle.problem of indifference
So in the question of what is more terrible indifference or hatred, we can unambiguously say that indifference is more terrible. Indifferent people are doomed to loneliness, and being alone in our world is the worst thing you can imagine.

If one of your loved ones is faced with the problem of indifference, do not stand aside. Ask yourself the question: «How to deal with indifference?». Help him solve this internal problem, explain that human life is impossible without affection, care, mutual understanding and love, because with them it is simply impossible to remain indifferent.


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