What is the benefit of male sperm?

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what is the use of male sperm

There are a lot of discussions on the benefits and harms of male sperm, but modern medicine has long dispelled all myths. Useful properties in male sperm, of course, exist. After all, its unique biochemical composition is an excellent tool for skin rejuvenation.

How is male sperm useful for women?

Many girls know that animal seminal fluid is added to some anti-wrinkle creams. The composition of sperm is such that it contains many amino acids, including those that increase skin turgor. Male sperm, unlike the seminal fluid of animals, is even richer in these substances. Therefore, in disputes about whether male sperm is useful for women, if used as a mask, we can safely put an end to it.

But that’s not all that male sperm is useful for. There is also another positive point. Since the seminal fluid of a man contains zinc and calcium, when it enters the oral cavity, the likelihood of the occurrence and development of caries is reduced. So oral sex will enable a woman to seek help from a dentist less often.

Is male sperm good for hair?

This question can also be answered yes. Semen contains estrogen, a hormone that is responsible for hair growth. When swallowing semen, it is able to increase the density and growth of hair. It also contains many different vitamins that have an equally positive effect.

In addition, during oral sex, a woman produces oxytocin, which reduces the harmful effects of stress. This happens due to irritation of the nerve endings of the lips.

Based on the above, we can safely say that sperm is good for women’s health. However, it is up to her to decide whether a woman will have oral sex and swallow the seed, because there are many alternatives to the beneficial properties of sperm.


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