What is the name of your favorite guy?

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How to call your boyfriend

Sometimes you have to think about how you can call your beloved guy, because you want to call him gently and affectionately, and so that he is pleased. In fact, one should not become like the heroes of American melodramas, who address each other only as “dear, dear”, as if they don’t know other words. And I don’t want other platitudes, like “bunny” and “cat”. So what to do, how can you call your loved one so that the guy likes it?

«Call me quietly by my name…»

Psychologists who give lessons in proper communication argue that there is nothing more pleasant for a person than the sound of his own name. So why should your loved one be an exception? After all, you can name so many affectionate variations on behalf of a guy, it will be both cute and not as cloying as, for example, “sweet baby”. And some, especially pragmatic individuals will not react at all to your attempts to compare them with representatives of the animal world and other nicknames, they do not recognize any other appeals at all, except for their own name. Such a guy, most likely, when addressing “cat”, will either grimace in displeasure or even ask: “Have you forgotten my name?” — not the most desired reaction, right? So if your boyfriend belongs to just such a category of people, then you will have to strain your imagination and call your beloved what he likes, namely, gentle derivatives from his name.

Call me «fluff»!

You don’t know what words you can affectionately call a guy, considering that everyone can address him by name, but you want something more personal? And who said that it is impossible to find out from the very object of tender feelings? Let him reveal the secret of what tender nicknames he will be most pleased to hear from your lips. The main thing is to find out this not with a question from the threshold, “on the forehead”, but correctly, waiting for a suitable situation. And then the guy may react inadequately if you startle him with the question “Well, what should I call you?” Instead of the usual kiss and the word “Hi!”.

Well, what if you still have the courage to find out from your loved one what he likes, or the right moment did not turn up? Then try to follow the principle of «treat others the way you want to be treated.» Try to dream up on the topic of affectionate naming yourself beloved, what kind of treatment would be most pleasant for you. Decided? Well, now it remains only to change the ending correctly, and see what happened. If you like the result, put the experience on your favorite, naming it like that, looking at the reaction. He liked this? Then no problem. And if the guy is not happy, we apologize and continue to experiment. In the end, there is sure to be a word that suits both, well, or the beloved will not stand such bullying and will tell himself what affectionate words he likes the most. The main thing, when leaving for the world of dreams, is not to invent words that can be regarded as rudeness or mockery — no one likes this.

What words can you call a guyTrite, but how nice

Some girls, carried away by reflections on the question of how beautiful to call a guy, forget about him or come up with completely unimaginable nicknames. Think about it, is originality so important in this matter? After all, in fact, nothing is new in this world, everything has already happened to someone, so is it worth spending time inventing unpleasant words, instead of just enjoying each other’s company? And the right words will come in response to feelings, by themselves. And let them be as old as the world, let billions of lovers also turn to each other, but these words will come from the heart, they will be sincere, and this is the most important thing.


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