What kind of girls do guys like?

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What kind of girls do guys like

Many girls ask the same question. Moreover, he torments the fair sex of all ages, starting at the age of 10. They stand in front of the mirror for hours, meticulously looking at themselves from all sides, and wondering what guys love most? And at the same time, everyone at least once in their life asked themselves, why don’t they love me?

So, what kind of girls do guys like anyway?

What can be answered with certainty is that no one will name any standards. There is no specific format that needs to be followed, which would be liked by all male representatives without exception. They, like us, each have their own taste. But, of course, there are a few simple rules that you need to follow so that the guys, for the most part, do not shy away from you around.

watch yourself

It is very important that the girl was well-groomed. It is not at all necessary to visit a solarium and a beauty salon several times a week, to do chocolate wraps and massages with rose oil. If there is such an opportunity — it’s great! And if not? Just don’t let your hands have bitten nails with peeling varnish, a mop of greasy unwashed hair on your head, and 2-day stubble on your legs. The boys probably won’t like it.

Don’t wear tons of makeup

Some girls with the slogan «Guys love beautiful and inaccessible!» apply such make-up that it is just right to call it war paint. Remember, cosmetics are designed to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws, and not vice versa. It is unlikely that any guy will want to be next to a girl who looks more like a doll.

Guys love humble

Another misconception, like the fact that guys like indiscreet. There is nothing wrong with natural modesty. But when a girl, in her desire to appear modest, is silent all evening, she gives the impression of either being stupid and notorious, or not knowing how to communicate in a company. On the contrary, a girl who chatters incessantly, trying to prove her cheerfulness and emancipation, seems stupid and frivolous. So here it is: guys love natural. Be yourself, don’t try to play a role you don’t like.

Guys love skinny girls

Is not a fact. For some reason, almost all girls whose parameters exceed the notorious 90-60-90 consider themselves at least well-fed, and are tormented by the question: do guys like fat girls? Of course, there are many lovers of thin boyish forms in girls, but there are much more those who love feminine rounded, and not rarely even curvaceous forms. Here again, there is no dispute about tastes. But what they definitely don’t like is those who are unsure of themselves and their attractiveness. Head up!

Take care of your appearance

This time about clothes. It should be not only, which goes without saying, neat and clean, but also at least look harmonious. There is no need to dress in the boutiques of famous designers, although this is certainly very good. The fact is that most guys will not only not appreciate the new collection of this or that Couturier, but they are unlikely to even understand who you are talking about when you voice it. The main thing is the ability to dress, the combination of colors and matching Why don't guys like me the chosen style.

Well, the main thing: stop tormenting yourself with questions: “What kind of girls do guys like?”, “Why don’t guys like me?” and “Do guys like fat (skinny) girls?”. Guys, of course, love with their eyes. And they can’t help but notice your lack of self-confidence. “If she is not confident in herself, then something is wrong with her!” — thinks most of them. Love yourself! “When you love yourself, others will love you too” — you have heard this simple truth more than once, but that’s why it is the truth, to be passed on from mouth to mouth. Do not try to please all the guys — it’s unrealistic. The main thing, when the time comes, that one will like it. For every product there is a buyer!


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