What kind of women are men afraid of?

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What kind of women are men afraid of?

Brave men, who are so admired by women, their knights, hope and support, are also not made of flint and steel. And they have psychological fears no less than that of the female.

Men’s fears

The question of what kind of women men are afraid of is quite broad. Different men, with different psychological make-up, are afraid of different women. A rich man is afraid of poor women, because he thinks that she loves not him, but his purse; soft men are afraid of strong-willed women; active and enterprising do not like the weak, who hang like a stone around their necks. Everyone has their own fears.

Weakness or strength?

An interesting question is why men are afraid of beautiful women, because, it would seem, it should be the other way around. The main reason is upbringing. Already from childhood, a little boy hears — do not choose a beautiful one: she will be lazy, selfish, and she will also walk. And only a gray mouse will become a real wife. Many take parenting advice literally. But even those who live by their own mind are also often afraid of the beautiful.

The question of why men are afraid of strong women is easy enough to answer. This is explained simply: the boy is brought up mainly by women: mother, grandmother, tutor, teacher. From an early age, he was used to obeying and being afraid of females. Not all of them were the ideal of kindness and condescension.

The fact that many men are afraid of beautiful women is a fact. But the main thing that any man is afraid of is rejection. And a beautiful woman may well be spoiled or even be occupied by someone «cooler». She already had admirers, imagines what can be obtained from them, and her demands may well be too high. She may require beautiful and long courtship, and indeed, there are, of course, incomparably more troubles with her than with an ordinary woman.

The awkwardness arises if the woman is the boss; if she earns much more than him; if she is more successful than him, she has achieved more in life; more experienced than him; has more children from a previous marriage than desired. Naturally, any man is afraid of betrayal, and no less than a woman, he is afraid of being abandoned.


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