What kind of women do men like?

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what kind of women do men like

We never stopped trying to get into a man’s head and find out what these mysterious creatures like in women, which ladies like men more: skinny or plump, gray mice or bitches?

Do men like fat women?

The modern film industry is actively imposing on us as an ideal thin, almost anorexic girls. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that we already doubt whether men like full women. To answer this question, you need to remember what men like in women in general. They are delighted with beautiful, mouth-watering forms, with the right proportions. Most men find the hourglass figure of a woman to be ideal – a thin waist, medium-sized breasts, and rounded hips. So very thin girls have never been the ultimate dream of men. But donuts have always been popular, and modern men do not bypass them. True, only if the proportions of the body are observed — a shapeless piece of flesh is unlikely to interest anyone.

What type of women do men like?

Speaking about what kind of women men like, one cannot think that the main thing is appearance. We often see well-groomed, beautiful women who are not at all popular with men. Psychics say that these ladies do not have an open chakra responsible for sexuality. Psychologists tend to blame the worldview and, as a result, the misbehavior of women with members of the opposite sex.

So what kind of women do our strong men like? Let’s go over the points.

  1. A woman should love herself, because such a woman is always well-groomed, looks great. And this is sure to please men. The main thing is not to overdo it and not become a glamorous doll, their men do not really respect them.
  2. Men are often touched by silly girls, but the period of enthusiasm passes quickly, giving way to irritation. Therefore, intelligence for a woman is a very necessary option. True, a truly smart lady will refrain from frequently demonstrating her abilities, otherwise the man will begin to see her as a rival, and not an object of passion.
  3. Education plays an important role in the female image, the ability to behave in society is valued by men. But the sexiest woman will be the one who can sometimes break the rules, behave directly.
  4. Why do men often choose women older than themselves, what do they like about them? Many are attracted by the sexual and life experience of a woman, and age is considered its guarantee. By the way, it is because of this moment that men consider small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes to be sexy. But you can’t blame the subconscious for everything, the reason for choosing older than yourself may be the opportunity to live dependent on a wealthier lady.
  5. Men want to feel strong, reliable, the comparison “behind him, like behind a stone wall” will be pleasant to everyone. That is why they appreciate women who give them such sensations. Women, showing that they can do everything without a man, do not cause any desire, «why does she need me, if she is wonderful alone.»
  6. And a man also wants to know that a woman needs him, and not the opportunities that cohabitation with him can provide.
  7. We eagerly read instructions on how to become a bitch, sure that men like such ladies. But this is not entirely true, a bitch, of course, will attract the attention of a man, but for how long? It is unlikely that anyone would want to live with a selfish person who is only concerned with building a career. That is why so often “gray mice” live happily in marriage, and emancipated bitches promote open relationships, thus hiding their need for family and warmth.

What kind of women do successful men like?

What kind of women do rich men like?

Many ladies dream of a wealthy prince who will take care of all the problems. But does the prince need such ladies? What kind of women do rich men like? It all depends on the man, but often business sharks have slightly shifted values. So, they may consider a woman as an addition to their success. In this case, they will choose what is in fashion, namely, a girl of model appearance, preferably not too smart and educated, so that she cannot take away his wealth. But rich men can look for a woman for the soul, then they will be less interested in models. Their interest will be caused by ladies who have managed to achieve a lot, but at the same time managed to maintain femininity.


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