What to do if the husband does not want to work?

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what to do if the husband does not want to work

At work, a person faces various problems and sometimes it ends with dismissal. Finding a good job is difficult and sometimes the search drags on for months. There are psychological tips on what to do if the husband does not want to work. This state of affairs causes many problems, and in some cases it ends in divorce.

There are many reasons that can lead to such a situation and it is important to identify it, otherwise it will be difficult to change something. In psychology, there are main reasons why a husband does not want to work:

  • mid-life crisis, when there is a reassessment of priorities;
  • weak character, when even minor difficulties unsettle;
  • sometimes the husband is lazy and does not want to work, preferring to hang all the duties on his wife’s shoulders;
  • he is an unrecognized genius and is waiting to be offered a worthy position.

What if the husband does not want to work?

There are a few tips to help fix the situation.

  1. First of all, psychologists say that in no case should a wife reproach and humiliate her husband. It is best to stimulate a man with praise, raising his self-esteem.
  2. The wife should not shift all women’s duties onto the shoulders of a non-working spouse, since, in this way, his masculinity is destroyed.
  3. A smart woman chooses weak tactics for herself, giving the reins of power into the hands of a man. A wife should plan her budget with her husband so that he knows how much and where the money goes.
  4. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands and control the process of finding the right job. The wife should help in finding a job, checking that the spouse has signed up for an interview, etc., but nevertheless, do it unobtrusively and without undue pressure.
  5. If the reason lies in some kind of internal fear, then it is best to seek help from a psychologist who will help a man understand himself.


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