What to talk about with a guy?

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What to talk about with a guy

Oddly enough, but sometimes it’s better not to talk about anything with a guy at all — silence can sometimes bring you closer to him. But such moments do not happen so often, in addition, for this you should already know each other well enough. Therefore, communication, indeed, remains the basis of any relationship.

How to learn to talk to guys?

If you work in a purely male team or have an older brother whose friends often come to your house, the question of how to talk to a man or a guy is unlikely to occupy you. If there are no such convenient accidents in your life, you really have to think about how and where you can learn to talk to men or guys — so that your communication is interesting to them.

To begin with, accustom yourself not to be afraid of male society, and start a conversation, as they say, from scratch, about nothing. In order not to be misunderstood, choose places where you can reasonably ask a guy or a man for advice, help or his opinion about something. Supermarkets, specialty stores, gyms, theaters, conferences — find a reason to ask a question, or something to ask him. Don’t neglect these tiny workouts! Very imperceptibly, they will teach you to intuitively feel how to talk and behave with a man or a guy.

The next option to help yourself understand how to talk to a guy is to watch a woman or girl whose communication with the male half of humanity you envy, and whom you would like to be like. True, there is one important subtlety here. Before trying on someone else’s behavior, make sure that it fits you. After all, even among world celebrities, someone inspires you very much, and someone, on the contrary, simply makes you nervous, isn’t it?

Therefore, if there is a girl in your environment whose behavior and manners in dealing with men you want and can copy — do it! Watch her to understand how and what you can talk about with a guy. Feel free to work out at home, in front of a mirror. Remember that every screen star spent hours in front of him, trying to choose exactly how she should smile and talk. Communication with a guy or a man is also an art that needs to be learned.

What is the right way to talk to a guy?

Use only literary language — this is perhaps the main rule. If in communication with friends you do not think about how you speak, you need to follow this when you start talking with a guy.

A man first of all appreciates in you what is not in him, namely, femininity. You can do boxing or martial arts — it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that in oral communication with the guys you remember that you were given the happiness of reading Chekhov and Turgenev in the original. A beautiful, correct speech will be appreciated by every standing guy or man.

What do guys like to talk about?

Of course, about their «male» topics. Sports, computers, us (girls and women) — the first thing that came to mind. But the guy is used to discussing all this with his buddies or friends. What can he talk to you about?

Every guy, first of all, is the most ordinary person. He also has his weaknesses, fears, habits, sympathies. Therefore, do not be nervous and do not puzzle over how and what you should talk to him about. Just let the guy tell you about himself — calmly What do guys like to talk about?asking him questions about where he likes to go or what he likes to do.

If your acquaintance has just begun, he experiences the same confusion during meetings as you do — do not forget this. Try to be natural, not trying by force, by all means, to maintain any conversation — and do not demand the same from him.

Feel free to talk about yourself. Tell him about your thoughts, beliefs, interests. About what interests you in this life, what you aspire to, what worries you in the world around you. A person can be interesting to other people only when he is filled with content, when there is something to talk about with him, and the case with your boyfriend is no exception. Do not be afraid to appear ridiculous in your habits or affections. You are a person, and your friend will appreciate it.

Do not allow or put up with compromises that hurt you. If you tell him that every evening you go out into the street to feed stray dogs or cats, and he openly and sincerely laughs at it, believe me, you’d better leave.


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