What words do men like?

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What words do men like

It has long been known that each word has its own power. Thanks to them, relationships are strengthened. After all, what is said always reflects your feelings. The word can both inspire a feat and hurt to the core. It follows from this that when you realize what words men like, you will be able not only to achieve the desired man, but also to control his heart.

Let’s try to figure out what affectionate words men like and when exactly they need to be pronounced. Choosing the right words depends on how long you’ve known your partner and how good you are at recognizing human behavior.

What words to say to a man?

Different types of people react differently to the same words. Let’s consider this in more detail.

  1. Men of an athletic type, well-built, are best called words in diminutive cases (“bunny”, “baby”, etc.). Turning to him, do not focus on his strength. He doesn’t need to be reminded of it. Only affectionate names can relax him, which means that he will experience pleasant feelings.
  2. And men whose mental characteristics prevail over physical ones should say words that can emphasize their courage. For example, tell such a person that next to him, like with no one before, you feel protected.
  3. You will understand what kind of words are nice to say to a man when you experiment with creating pet nicknames for your lover. To do this, write down all possible variants of such a middle name on a piece of paper.
  4. Sensuality and expressiveness to your remarks will be given by various prefixes, prepositions (very, most, pre).
  5. Do not forget about the superlative degrees of adjectives (the best, etc.). Watch the man’s reaction to your words.
  6. Men love compliments. After all, compliments are the right words in the right situation. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t have to say something crazy what words to say to a mancompliments (for example, “I never doubted that no one in the universe compares to the way you drive a car). Consider what has been said (for example, the best option would be “You are doing a great job driving the car, I feel that if it were not for your help, I would be late for this conference”).
  7. Accompany words of love with touches. For example, when you walk down the street, hold hands or have breakfast, pat your lover on the head, adding: “You are so good to me.”

Do not forget that any pleasant words should be in moderation so as not to spoil your man.


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