Where to meet a man?

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where to meet a man

All girlfriends are in pairs … We are so arranged that we dream of great and pure love, but education does not allow us to get to know each other first, because this is not decent, below our dignity, etc. etc. Why did it happen that a woman has all the levers to control her own life, but does not want to take everything into her own hands?

What’s stopping you from meeting a man?

There are a number of reasons why we remain lonely and cannot find our happiness:

  • lack of self-esteem;
  • lack of time at a very fast pace of life;
  • unwillingness to put up with other people’s shortcomings or habits;
  • We don’t know where and how.

If the first three reasons are quite amenable to slight adjustment with the help of various publications such as «The Way to Success» or «How to communicate with people», then the last point has a very definite solution. You can learn how to communicate and find places where you can meet a young man without any problems.

Where to find a good man?

First and foremost: if you obviously think that you will not succeed, you can be sure that it will happen. So, under the motto «I am the most charming and attractive» in full dress, we set off:

  • To the store. Yes, it is in the supermarket. Pretend that you mistook him for a sales assistant and ask for help, then you can apologize with a smile and still ask for advice. Do not be too lazy to look into his cart, its contents will tell you whether it makes sense to continue the conversation (the presence of diapers or obvious attributes from the «women’s list» will give you a red signal). Or maybe he just bought dumplings and it became clear that there was no one to cook for him? In this case, gently hint that you also like dumplings, but prefer to cook them yourself. Well, how can a man resist?
  • To a good gym. A serious fitness center with a good reputation is a great place to meet a decent man. Ask him to help with the projectile or ask him to tell you how to do the exercise correctly, do not forget to give a compliment! Very often, fitness centers have tea bars; this is also a good place where you can meet an interesting and wealthy man.
  • In the cafe. Unobtrusively ask about how they feed here. Ask him to tell you what is definitely delicious, sit down at the next table — this way you can avoid an awkward situation if the man is already waiting for someone.
  • A great place to meet a man is «smoking room». Just ask for a light, start the conversation smoothly and don’t forget to tell him that he has good taste because he smokes this brand of cigarettes (it doesn’t matter which one, the main thing is to give a compliment).
  • In large business centers very easy to get to know. You don’t even have to look for a special place where you can meet a decent man, you just need to accidentally drop a pile of papers near him. A well-mannered man will definitely help you where to find a good mancollect everything, well, then — a matter of technology.
  • You can get acquainted without paying special attention to the place for meeting a man. It’s enough just to start a conversation, as if you’ve known each other for a hundred years, and then laughingly admit that you made a mistake.
  • It is important not only the place where you can find a good man, but also time. In a nightclub, it is hardly possible to establish a serious relationship. But it’s very possible to unobtrusively start a conversation during a lunch break in a cafe, but what if you will already have dinner together?

Do not forget: if you have already decided to look for a place to meet a man, first work on yourself! Get rid of parasitic words, rehearse your actions if you tend to get nervous and stutter. The first acquaintance often determines the development of relationships, which means that your clothes should be at least not vulgar (the same applies to makeup). Any man always decides everything for himself, so help him decide to get to know you!


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