Where to meet a rich man?

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where to meet a rich man

Psychologists have long established that a clear formulation of your desires contributes to their speedy fulfillment. This rule also works in cases where you are looking for a soul mate. By telling the universe “I want to meet a rich man,” you already increase the chances of meeting a man whose main asset will be wealth. However, it would be nice to help the cosmos fulfill its own desires. Today we will talk about where and how to meet a wealthy man.

Starting the search, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a certain amount of money. Even lottery tickets are not given away for free.

1. In a cafe or restaurant.

For example, in those that are located in expensive hotels. It is not necessary to come there in the evening, the time of breakfast or business lunch has its advantages. Firstly, there will be far fewer hunters around in all their glory. And, secondly, a man will not be set up for easy dating.

2. In an expensive store. There may be several options here:

  • as a buyer. For example, at a counter with expensive ties, ask a man who likes you to bring one of them to his face. Say that you are choosing a gift for a brother / friend, and his eyes are the same color;
  • as a seller. When you get a job in an expensive clothes/shoes store, be prepared for the fact that every day is a chance to meet a rich man, and the store is a place where your initiative will be perceived as part of your professional duties;
  • as an image maker. This profession is quite in demand today, and it involves constant communication with people who can afford a personal image consultant. A rich man is forced to completely trust you and your taste, which in itself already sounds tempting. Feel free to be firm, after all, you are not «choosing a synonym» for your existing wardrobe.

3. At the theater or at a concert. Naturally, you will have to buy good tickets, and during the intermission go to the bar to order a glass of champagne. But there is always a reason to talk. An important condition: you must understand the production in order to be able to support the ensuing conversation.

4. At the casino or at the races. Needless to say, a woman, finding herself in the center of men excited by excitement, begins to emit pheromones that attract attention to themselves.

5. On a tennis or golf course. A man will surely appreciate your interest in sports and the fact that at least one common hobby connects you with it.

meet a rich man

6. At ski resorts. A great place to meet, where there will always be common interests, where the sparkle of the eyes and the blush on the cheeks will be regardless of the contents of the cosmetic bag.

7. On the Internet. Do not dismiss this simple but proven way of dating. Many wealthy men do not hesitate to look through the ads «I’ll meet you», especially since an honest indication «with the rich» in this case will only be a sign that you both know what you want. And wealthy men appreciate the ability to formulate tasks like no other.


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