Why are men afraid of beautiful women?

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Why are men afraid of beautiful women?

Today, it is more and more likely that one can face a situation where a beautiful and accomplished girl remains surrounded by loneliness, despite the fact that every day she feels the admiring glances of men. And her friend with an average appearance has got a loving husband and children and at the same time is quite happy with herself.

Let’s try to consider why men are afraid of beautiful women and how to stop the strong half of humanity from behaving like that.

  1. When meeting a beautiful woman, many men have the idea that he is not worthy of such luxury, and besides, he believes that there is probably a contender for her hand, and certainly not one. And in most cases, he believes that he will waste his time if he tries to strike up some kind of conversation with her.
  2. In addition to this stereotype, men are afraid of beautiful women when they believe another one that such a girl is sure to be a bitch. That is, if she openly demonstrates her beauty, throwing only the most daring challenge, then her requests should be airy.
  3. And someone who is a secret admirer of inaccessible beauty has left a residue from an unsuccessfully experienced experience. And he concluded for himself that beautiful ladies are spoiled creatures.
  4. When a man is afraid of losing a woman, he is jealous of her past and future, representing an army of competitors. This state is not comfortable for both partners. As a result, such relationships have a short history. At the end of them, most men assure themselves that beautiful women can only be admired.

A few more reasons

Psychologists also tried to find out why a man is afraid of a woman with their research. It turned out that 70% of the subjects are afraid to have any connection with a beautiful woman because after a few minutes of communication they become nervous and feel more vulnerable than usual, which quickly unbalances them.

In order to stop being afraid of the beautiful half of humanity, a man needs, first of all, to admit to himself that he is excited. You need to let yourself know what you need to do to feel comfortable. That is, is it convenient for a man to get up and go towards the person he is interested in, or just talk right from the table. Only a man can decide, because the basis of everything is comfort.

A man is afraid of a beautiful woman, first of all, because he allows stereotypes to guide his attitude towards the weaker sex. You must not forget about your own self-esteem, discarding various guesses, and boldly go to meet a beautiful and mysterious girl.


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