Why do men love older women?

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why do men like older women

There are currently a lot of families with an age difference in favor of the wife, and not only in the field of show business famous for the freedom of morals. Psychology explains why young guys love older women, the characteristics of the era and upbringing.

Why do guys like older women?

Psychologists note that the age of growing up of a person is increasingly being pushed back. In ancient times, families were created by today’s standards as children, while today an adult can feel like a child.

It is more difficult for a man to grow up — he bears a heavy burden of responsibility for the family, but young guys are usually not ready for this. Choosing an older woman, such a young man, in fact, chooses a replacement mother who is able to help and support, but at the same time will not hysteria and ruffle the nerves.

Sex with an adult woman is also attractive for a guy — she is more experienced and relaxed than her peers. In case of failure, a sophisticated partner will be able to find words of consolation, while a young girl can make a guy laugh.

Why do men love older women?

But love for an older woman does not always indicate the infantilism of a man. Perhaps the same age and, especially, young ladies, are not at all interesting to him because of superficiality and windiness. In this case, the man will look for a more serious lady, who is likely to be older.

Relations with an older woman are usually calmer than with young people. Adult ladies are well-formed personalities, interesting companions, skillful lovers. Such women usually highly value their man, because. by virtue of their experience they know how few people can be relied upon, who can be trusted.

A mature woman knows when to be silent and when to give advice. In a quarrel, she will not be endlessly offended, and wait for the first step from a man. Adult women pay less attention to other people’s opinions and make their own decisions. A wife who is older than her husband is a “safe haven” and “reliable rear”, which many men dream of so much.


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