Why doesn’t the man call?

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Why does the man not call

Men can talk as much as they want about our illogicality, although they themselves sometimes behave no better. Here at least take their relationship with the phone. It often happens, we broke our whole head, why the man does not call, and then he tells us that the money has run out, the phone was forgotten visiting a second cousin who lives in another city, and other fabulous stories. But in fact, it turns out that he was just embarrassed to call first. Well, that’s who they are after that, the geniuses of logic? It’s true that it’s not always convenient to ask a man why he doesn’t call (it’s not good for a girl to call first, mothers taught us) or there is no way (they didn’t take the phone number, and now we bite our elbows). And what should I do, be on duty at the phone, muster up the courage and call myself, or forget about this person? Let’s start to sort it out by dividing men by how close the relationship between you is.

Why doesn’t the beloved man call?

How can we understand why the beloved man does not call during the day — there is simply no time, or there are no feelings on his part? If you have been together for quite some time, and there are no “alarming” symptoms when you meet, then you should not be afraid of the absence of calls from your loved one. He simply does not consider it necessary to call you — after all, you will see each other in the evening, and men do not have such an addiction to telephone conversations as many ladies do. And if your man is already working hard, then perhaps he simply does not have time to call and he spends his lunch break on eating and relaxing, and not talking, even with his beloved woman.

Another thing is if a loved one does not call after a quarrel. Why do you think the man does not call first in this case? That’s right, he is afraid that by calling you, he will admit his guilt, recognize your power over himself and fall under your sharp heels. Most often, it is pride and fear of losing freedom that prevent our strong men from taking the first step towards reconciliation. Of course, this does not apply to cases where your discord has been outlined for a long time, and this quarrel has become the last point.

Why doesn’t a man call after sex?

Of course, we are worried if the relationship at first was great, and then, after a date that ended in sex, the man does not call. What to do in this case, and most importantly, why is this happening? This brings to mind the old joke on this topic: “If a man does not call after sex, then he either did not like sex with me, or he died. And I sincerely hope for the latter.” In real life, of course, we do not want such an outcome. And in this joke, as in others, there is a rational grain. A man will not call after sex if he did not like him, especially if you did not have time to get close enough with him before intimacy. How do you react to this? And as you wish. If a man liked you very much, then call him yourself, find out the reason. If he does not tell the truth, then you will understand everything by the reaction. And if you didn’t like it, then rejoice — you are spared such a tedious task as cutting off an unnecessary admirer. Another option is why a man does not call after sex, but because he has already received everything he wanted. The icing on the cake is taken off, the list of victories is checked Doesn't call after first datehe doesn’t need anything else. What to do here is clear, forget and in no case blame yourself — you have nothing to do with it, just a male collector met.

Why doesn’t a man call after the first date?

We went on a date with a man, he took the phone and promised to call, but he does not call, why? The first most pessimistic option, he didn’t really like you, and he took the phone just out of politeness. The second reason is some technical problems — I broke my phone, lost my number, went on an urgent business trip, etc. True, if you are really interested in a man, then he will find a way to overcome them. And finally, the third option — he simply cannot muster up the courage to call you, he is afraid to show his interest. How long can such a man not call? It’s different for everyone, especially indecisive ones cannot gather their courage for years. So determine for yourself the period after which, if the man does not call, you forget about him. Well, why do you need a rot?


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