Women’s power

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Women's power

What is male power — everyone knows, but what is the mysterious female power? Some argue that the strength of women is in beauty and fragility, others are in softness and understanding, others are in the ability to magic and intuition … currently there is no single concept of what the feminine power actually includes, but if you consider all the popular assumptions, you can add up the big picture.

The secret of female power

Since ancient times, life has decreed that the female path and female power is different from the male. Where a man wins by physical performance, a woman can take by cunning; where a man wins with rudeness, a woman will use persuasion and arguments. And it cannot be said that in the modern world a woman has to give in to a man: not wanting to offend his ego, she acts gently and carefully, often acting as a “grey eminence” in relationships.

The strength of the female soul lies in its flexibility, softness and the ability to yield in some things, and stand on its own in some ways. After all, it is precisely in this way, gently and imperceptibly, that she is able to achieve anything in the harsh male world.

Generally speaking, women’s wisdom and strength are closely related concepts. A wise woman will not try to achieve her goal with typical male methods — shouting, force, pressure. She will choose a soft, flexible path.

Development of female power

In the question of how to develop feminine strength, it is important to be consistent and calm. The secret of female power is too deep to be grasped quickly. You need to start with small changes in yourself:

  1. The source of female strength is patience and gentle perseverance! Remember this. Yoga classes can help you develop these qualities.
  2. Women's strength and energy

  3. Get into the habit never, under any circumstances, of yelling or losing your temper.
  4. Don’t use harsh words or swear words.
  5. Listen carefully to the interlocutor and get used to influencing arguments.
  6. In any situation, strive not to prove your case, but to avoid conflict. This will allow you to establish such contacts with people in which it will be much easier to find supporters.

Women’s strength and energy is often associated with beauty. Indeed, people are more willing to yield to a beautiful person and initially treat him more favorably. That is why, in the question of how to gain female power, one cannot do without improving one’s appearance. The more attractive you look, the stronger you are — especially in relation to men.


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