Words of support in difficult times

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words of encouragement in difficult times

Life does not consist of holidays alone, troubles happen to everyone, and it is so important in difficult times to hear kind words of support from loved ones. And no matter how much they say that “men don’t cry”, they also need our support from time to time.

How to support the beloved man?

  1. Often a woman, noticing a change in her husband’s mood, does not think about how to support him. And it’s not a matter of female insensitivity, it’s just that many of us immediately begin to suspect our husband of treason, losing sight of the moment that there may be many other reasons for his strange behavior. Therefore, one should not make scandals and make claims based on suspicions, but gently and unobtrusively find out what really happened.
  2. When everything is good at home, it is much easier to deal with life’s troubles. Therefore, in a difficult moment, home comfort will help a man more than ever. Do not be too lazy to pamper him with his favorite food, offer to take a relaxing bath with aromatic oils and get a massage. You can also offer him a walk to his favorite places or give him a gift that he has long wanted. So the man will understand that you care about him and no matter what happens, you are there. Support by deed often reaches the male consciousness better than words.
  3. Be creative in problem solving. Your husband may not see the way out that you will. Therefore, ask to tell about everything and think about how you can correct the situation, perhaps it is your wise advice that will help your husband overcome difficulties.

Words of support for a beloved man in difficult times

One desire to help a man is not enough, you still need the right words to support your loved one. Because a careless word, even if uttered with the best of intentions, can produce the opposite effect.

  1. Men don’t like it when ladies jump in with their advice when no one asks them. The same goes for empathy. A man is more likely to perceive this not as complicity, but as pity (that is, he is pathetic in your eyes). And this will hit hard on male pride and pride. Thus, you will not only not support your man, but will also cause aggression in him. Therefore, in a difficult moment, saying “my poor, unfortunate” is not worth it in any case. It’s better to say that you believe in him, you know that he can handle everything, because he is so smart, talented, resourceful, in general, the best. Do not insist on a detailed and detailed account of his problems, asked unobtrusively, and that’s enough. When he wants, he will tell himself.
  2. A favorite female habit is to criticize a man, to give him “priceless” advice at a time when he does not ask for it. Men tend to believe that they are able to solve everything on their own, it is vital for them to be the best. And when you give unsolicited advice, you thereby express doubts about male independence. It’s no wonder that this behavior angers men so much. And if he is also in trouble, then with your inappropriate remarks you will definitely provoke a scandal. If it seems to you that a man is behaving incorrectly, it is better to directly tell him about it. words of support for a loved one(“I would like it to be like this.”) Give advice when asked.
  3. There are words of support that will comfort any man in difficult times. This is the phrase «it’s not your fault.» Men are used to controlling absolutely everything in their lives, they feel responsible for everything that happens. Therefore, they tend to blame themselves for all the troubles. But how many situations we call coincidence? In such situations, usually everyone is to blame, and everyone is right. It is important to explain this to your man, to say that he is not to blame for what happened. This will help him stop self-digging and start solving the problem.


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