10 tips for how often to feed your dog

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10 tips for how often to feed your dog

Every dog ​​owner asks himself the question: how and what to feed the dog to keep it healthy and avoid starvation or obesity?
At the very beginning, I would like to note that each dog is individual, and the individual needs of a particular dog may differ from generally accepted rules. Pet owners should have as much knowledge as possible about what is best for the dog.
However, some things are the same for all dogs. Therefore, I would like to draw attention to this.


  • How often to feed your dog
    • Pros of dry dog ​​food
    • Feeding puppies
    • How many times a day to feed an adult dog.
    • Feeding working dogs
    • Nutrition for obese dogs
    • When to feed your dog
    • Providing rest before and after meals
    • Permanent feeding place
    • Permanent access to water
    • Forcing food
    • Diet changes

How often to feed your dog

Let’s first answer the question: what to feed the dog. Veterinarians recommend feeding with dry food https://101dalmatin.com/sobaki/korma-dlya-sobak/josera.html.

Pros of dry dog ​​food

  • Balanced composition. The granules contain all the vitamins that are useful for pets. As well as the necessary set of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Saving time.
  • Ease of dosage. The nutritional value for each breed is printed on the packaging.
  • Variety of species. It is possible to choose food by age, breed or health condition.
  • Ease of transportation. Dry food is easy to take with you on the road.

Feeding puppies

During the first three weeks of life, puppies eat only their mother’s milk, or milk substitutes. From the third week of life, we begin the so-called «dietary weaning», that is, we begin to give puppies solid food.
• between 3 and 5 weeks 4 — 6 times a day
• between the 6th and 8th weeks 3 — 5 times a day
• from 8 weeks to 6 months 3-4 times a day
• after the 6th month 2-3 times a day
• from about 7 months — like an adult dog

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How many times a day to feed an adult dog.

There are no such detailed and rigid rules. There is a certain freedom that you need to use wisely and adapt to your own lifestyle.
But be careful: it is not true that an adult dog needs to be fed once a day. Yes, dogs are naturally adapted to eating large amounts of food over long periods of time, but overworking the stomach is dangerous to their health. Here’s what happens with one meal a day. A dog on an empty stomach consumes a huge amount of food, which can lead to gastric volvulus (especially in large breeds). In addition, the dog eats food very greedily, and also swallows a large amount of air, which leads to the appearance of gases. And in some cases, dogs can simply feel hungry between meals and cause related behavioral problems.

  • It is best to feed an adult dog twice a day. And preferably with an interval of 12 hours. So, the first time in the morning (for example, at 7 o’clock), the second time in the evening (at 19 o’clock).
  • However, dogs can eat 3 meals a day and not have health problems, including being overweight.
  • There are dogs, mostly bitches, who have constant access to food. They themselves regulate how much and when they want to eat, as well as without problems with being overweight. This is a difficult decision, because then, there is no complete control over the daily amount of food consumed. It is difficult to keep track of a dog’s food intake.

Feeding working dogs

It is believed that working or hard training dogs should be fed more frequently, up to 4 times a day. These dogs consume a large amount of food to provide the right increased amount of energy needed for training. In this case, the daily dose of food will be large and should be divided into smaller parts.

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Nutrition for obese dogs

If the dog is overweight, give him smaller portions, but more often (3-4 times a day). This will support the weight loss process.

When to feed your dog

It is important to know how often to feed your dog, but also at what time. Regular feeding times are very important. If you decide to take a certain number of meals per day, set the time for them, and stick to them strictly!
The dog’s body quickly adapts to the established meal times. Due to this, digestive juices are regulated, which begin to be reflexively released at a certain moment. This gives the dog a sense of security. Even if the pet feels hungry, he will know that he will receive food immediately. But if, for some reason, you forget to feed your dog, it will be a lot of stress for him — that’s why it’s so important to respect the set meal times!
In addition, the feeding time should be adapted to the planned walks with the dog. Many recommend the option: first walk, then eat. However, the cases are different. If in the morning you go jogging with your dog, or take long walks, then rest is necessary.

Providing rest before and after meals

It is very important that the dog is not tired an hour before and an hour after eating. We are talking about long walks and training, but also about entertainment. Feeling sleepy when you eat too much? Dogs have it too! Therefore, let your pet rest after eating. Otherwise, you can provoke twisting of the dog’s stomach.

Permanent feeding place

Dogs quickly get used to ordinary situations. One of them is a permanent feeding place. Let it be calm and secluded. The dog cannot be nervous while eating, so give him peace and quiet.
If the owner has two dogs, it is best to feed them in separate rooms, as dogs often feel uncomfortable with other dogs at meals. Then they eat more than normal, faster and greedier.

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Permanent access to water

Without a doubt, clean water should be in a drinking container, all the time and always.

Forcing food

If your dog is refusing to eat, there is likely a good reason for this. For example, now is a hot summer and you don’t feel like eating at all. And don’t force your pet to do it. Or he is sick. Then don’t force food, just take your dog to the vet. In fact, never force him to eat.

Diet changes

No dietary changes in nutrition should be made suddenly. Gradually change the amount of food so that the dog’s digestive tract has time to adapt to these changes.


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