12 healthy habits that will improve your intimate life

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Specialists The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction calculated that 34% of couples make love 2-3 times a week, about 45% — several times a month, and 13% — only a couple of times a year.

What to do to make games in bed happen more often? Our habits play a big role in maintaining intimate desire.

Which of them can improve intimate life — tells MedAboutMe.

1. Leave time for yourself

Sexologist Jessica O’Reilly says that although many experts emphasize the importance of dating for a good intimate life, she is sure that the minutes spent alone with herself are no less important.

“If you don’t have time to be alone with yourself, you will be so busy rebuilding yourself and your body on date night that intimacy will fade into the background,” says the expert. She recommends alternating nights of intimacy with regular ones.

2. Hang out with positive people

2. Hang out with positive people

Toxic friendships can negatively affect a person’s intimate life.

“If there are people in his environment who are always complaining about their weight, reflection in the mirror or something else, show negative emotions and criticize others, it is more likely that you will do the same,” the sexologist warns Jessica O’Reilly. “The way you see yourself and your body can influence your desire for intimacy, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction from an intimate life.”

The doctor recommends communicating only with positive people who do not drop self-esteem and do not feed the complexes.

Did you know?

According to the experts of the publication Psychological reportspeople who make love twice a week or more often are less at risk of infectious diseases.

3. Train with a partner

When a couple trains together, intimate relationships become better. This is explained by the fact that classes in a couple increase the level of energy, affect the amount of hormones of joy — endorphins and the sex hormone testosterone in the body, which naturally leads to an increase in libido.

“Improved circulation after exercise increases sexual desire and can even speed up and intensify orgasms,” says Dr. Jessica O’Reilly.

4. Discuss your desires and fantasies

Only the person himself knows what he likes in bed and what not, what enhances desire, and what brings orgasm closer. His partner has to look for answers to these questions, relying on the path of trial and error.

But why go the long way, if you can get love and pleasure just by voicing your desires? Experts recommend lovers not to be shy, but to boldly bring their ideas and fantasies to life.

By the way!

According to a study shared by the publication The American Journal of Medicine, men who have more orgasms live longer.

5. Snack on nuts

5. Snack on nuts

PhD, expert in nutrition and healthy lifestyle Rovenia Brock advises to include almonds in the diet. This healthy snack can improve intimate life and even help women who are planning to replenish get pregnant.

“These nuts are rich in zinc, selenium, minerals and vitamin E, that is, all substances that are necessary for intimate health and reproductive functions. For example, selenium helps with infertility, vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining heart health, and the mineral zinc helps produce hormones and increases libido,” says the expert.

6. Eat «aphrodisiacs»

Experts recommend pampering yourself with real dark chocolate and oysters more often.

Chocolate contains antioxidants and brain-healthy chemicals that boost endorphins in the body, making sex feel happier and euphoric during intimacy.

And oysters are high in zinc, a mineral that men need to produce testosterone and healthy sperm.

What other aphrodisiacs exist, we told in the article «10 foods to increase libido.»

7. Limit caffeine intake

Coffee in moderation can help a person wake up and stay alert well after midnight if they have to work on an urgent report or make love.

“But the abuse of caffeinated products can negatively affect a person’s intimate life,” warns a clinical nutritionist. Josh Ax.

8. Follow the Mediterranean Diet

8. Follow the Mediterranean Diet

A diet rich in foods with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber is good for overall body health and can help boost libido and improve sex life.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Jennifer Berman advises you to start following the Mediterranean diet, which is based on wholesome foods and is ideal for maintaining intimate health. You can also add multivitamins and lycopene to your diet, but it’s best to check with your doctor first.

How to start following the Mediterranean diet? Of course, from meeting her! 10 secrets of the Mediterranean diet are revealed in this article.​

9. Stop smoking

The nicotine found in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor. It constricts blood vessels, which can damage veins and arteries.

«The small blood vessels in the penis are particularly susceptible to damage, so smoking habits can have a negative impact on a person’s intimate life,» warns the MD. Cynthia Haynes.

10. Do Kegel Exercises

Specialists Harvard Health Publishing It is advised to regularly perform Kegel exercises for men and women. Pelvic day training can help improve intimate shape. To do the exercise, you need to strain those muscles that are activated when a person wants to delay urination. You need to hold them in tension for 3 seconds, then relax.

Such repetitions should be done 10 per day, planning 10 approaches. In total, there will be 100 repetitions per day.

Did you know?

​Exercise Kegel often underestimated by people. In addition to a positive effect on libido, they strengthen the health of the reproductive system. For example, they can help women prevent breaks in childbirth, and men can prevent prostatitis from developing.

11. Constantly experiment

11. Constantly experiment

“When you spend time in bed trying something new, it strengthens the emotional connection between you,” says MD. Jennifer Berman. “It also stimulates the dopamine centers in your brain, which in turn increases libido.”

Therefore, in bed, just like in sports, one should not stop there, but try something new, interesting, which makes the heart beat faster and both partners like it.

12. Start getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation has been linked to erectile dysfunction in men and fertility problems in women.

“Hormones useful for intimate life are produced during sleep,” says MD, urologist Jennifer Berman. “If sleep is interrupted by episodes of apnea, as a result of taking certain medications, manifestations of stress, or for other reasons, this affects the “brain chemistry” and your mood.”

Thus, a good night’s rest can increase libido and improve intimate life.


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