Acquaintance as a forecast of further relationships: the psychology of love

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Communicating with couples in love, we involuntarily ask ourselves the question, under what circumstances did the guy and the girl meet? What drives us: ordinary curiosity or a desire to learn as much as possible about people, understand their psychology and find out if the way and place of acquaintance can affect the further development of relationships?

It turns out that after analyzing the information received, one can make an assumption how harmonious the union of two lonely hearts will be.

Relationships of former friends: the beauty of feelings or a mistake?

Relationships of former friends: the beauty of feelings or a mistake?

Many people do not believe in the sincerity of friendship between a man and a woman. Maybe in some ways they are right, since such relationships often end in a romance. Psychologists believe that the initiator of such a connection is often a person who is disappointed in love. He was repeatedly betrayed or abandoned, and therefore in the future he prefers to communicate closely only with those whom he has known for many years and managed to make sure of their devotion and reliability.

This is very convenient, but, most importantly, a relationship with a long-term acquaintance does not imply any risk. In addition, you do not need to strain and charm someone. Former friends already know everything about you, they already trust you with their secrets and share their experiences, which means that you were able to earn their favor.

No need to puzzle over where to invite on a date and how to surprise: the partner’s hobbies and hobbies have long been known. The only unknown side of such relationships is intimacy, but over time this problem will be solved by itself. Live and enjoy pleasant communication and a wonderful romance!

But is everything as smooth as it might seem at first glance? The development of relationships, especially their beginning, does not imply sleepless nights and such pleasant and soul-trembling experiences. The candy-bouquet period, which we remember with a shudder and tenderness, is practically absent. You don’t catch glances and don’t ask questions: “I liked it, I didn’t like it, I paid attention, or I passed without leaving a glance.” A lot has been known for a long time, and relationships eventually begin to seem boring and monotonous. You do not need to study, draw conclusions, analyze, try to learn as much as possible.

Women, by virtue of their psychology, try to remain an unread book for their beloved all their lives. While guys know a lot about girlfriends. Yes, and they themselves are used to talking about their girls, love affairs, victories and failures. It turns out that both partners know absolutely everything about each other: and whether they can build real strong relationships in which there will be no place for hypocrisy, falsehood and the desire to use the information once received, time will tell.

In any life situation, there are exceptions to the rules, and perhaps friendship will really act as the beginning of sincere and all-consuming love! And the excellent development of relations will be a vivid proof of this.

Casual Dating: Possible Relationship Development

Casual Dating: Possible Relationship Development

People who are not afraid of casual and unexpected acquaintances on the street, in a store, in the subway, attach considerable importance to appearance. Otherwise, how would they manage, throwing just one glance, to understand that this particular person deserves attention.

In fact, it is not so difficult to draw conclusions about the counters. The way you dress and carry yourself, your facial expression and posture can tell you a lot. In addition, the psychology of a person, his hobbies and interests, are revealed by the books that he reads. But many people, in the subway and in queues, prefer not to waste time in vain: they improve themselves with the help of books, and we have the opportunity to guess the degree of erudition and preferences based on the selected works.

Let not all of us believe in love at first sight, but it still exists. If a representative of the stronger sex sees a girl in the crowd, and even despite the fear of street dating and innate shyness, finds a topic for conversation, then, most likely, true love has arisen in the heart of a man.

And most importantly, it will not be a lonely person who looks at any member of the opposite sex as a potential partner. Such individuals often meet on special sites or social networks. They can also ask friends to act as matchmakers and look for suitable candidates. Their psychology comes down to one thing: the main thing is not to be left alone.

But casual acquaintances can be compared with an arrow that pierces the heart, and just yesterday a stranger becomes dear and desirable. By the way, if a girl decides to take the first step, then she may turn out to be too relaxed and, most importantly, that with the further development of relations, the fair sex does not take precedence over the man.

Office romances and dating sites: the psychology of relationships

Office romances and dating sites: the psychology of relationships

Office romances are a fairly common occurrence. Having decided on a relationship with one of your colleagues, analyze his behavior, study psychology and draw the necessary conclusions. Psychologists are sure that often workaholics are looking for a mate at work, for whom labor activity comes first, and then all the other delights of life. A person can be distinguished by both internal and external beauty, but in any life situation, work will be the most important thing. This leads to the fact that the environment of employees becomes the only place where they have the opportunity to communicate, get to know each other and establish relationships.

If you’re dealing with a workaholic, before committing to a relationship, ask yourself if you can be content with casual once-a-week dates, e-mails, furtive glances, and ignoring employee gossip? If yes, then a wonderful and unforgettable office romance awaits you.

Many modern people prefer to look for their love on dating sites. Blind dates have a certain magnetism, they fascinate, and leave room for fantasy. The main thing is that the ideas about the new virtual acquaintance should not differ from the real picture. Having met a person, first of all, you need to try to learn about him as much as possible. When communicating, look directly into the eyes — they can tell a lot.

Be sure to introduce him to friends and parents, and also try to meet his surroundings. So you will understand how sociable he is and socially adapted. Quite often, asocial people resort to virtual dating, for whom it is difficult to establish contact with others, and the Internet is the only possible way for them to make acquaintances with a member of the opposite sex. But the development of relations in this case can proceed in different ways. It all depends on the reason why a person decided to go on a blind date: their own shyness and unsociableness, or being guided by the desire to try all possible ways of dating.


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