Aerated concrete cottage, its advantages and construction features

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Aerated concrete cottage, its advantages and construction features

When erecting objects from aerated concrete blocks, it is possible to significantly reduce the load on the foundation. Wall material weighs several times less than brick and wood, so the buildings being built do not require a particularly expensive foundation. Due to the light weight of aerated concrete, it is possible to reduce the cost of delivering the material, as well as speed up installation work. Blocks are several times larger than bricks and can be dragged by hand.

The technology allows you to build objects and structures for any purpose. Warm and spacious country houses, baths, garages, gazebos are obtained from aerated concrete. The material is also used for the construction of partitions, the construction of various fences and fences in private areas.

Aerated concrete cottages are built in a short time, due to the unique properties of the material. The blocks have perfectly smooth surfaces, which allows them to be laid on a thin layer of glue. Since these are large-sized products, the process of laying them takes much less time than installing bricks. Aerated concrete blocks must be purchased from manufacturers who comply with production technology

Advantages of aerated concrete:

— the blocks are very light, fit without much effort;
— the walls are neat, they do not need to be carefully aligned;
— the porous structure of the material helps to remove excess moisture from the building;
— due to low thermal conductivity, there is no need for insulation;
— the material is environmentally friendly;
— structures do not require an expensive foundation;
— construction is carried out in a short time;
— walls are not subject to shrinkage;
— the seams are thin, which minimizes the consumption of glue;
— blocks are cheaper than bricks of the same volume;
— aerated concrete is easily sawn, which allows you to adjust the blocks and correctly stack them in difficult areas;
— vapor-permeable structure allows you to create a comfortable microclimate;
— the material is not affected by microorganisms;
— gas blocks do not shrink, do not deform;
— due to high adhesion, the finishing process is simplified, building mixtures are firmly glued to the material.

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Buildings made of aerated concrete blocks are energy efficient even without additional thermal insulation. The absence of insulation on the outer walls is a significant advantage, since single-layer structures “breathe” much better than multi-layer brick walls. Dampness does not accumulate in a building made of such a vapor-permeable material, mold does not appear. The air in the rooms is as clean and fresh as in wooden houses.

Aerated concrete in many ways resembles wood. It is very light and warm, it does not contain toxic components. Blocks are easily sawn with a hacksaw, they can be drilled and processed with a planer.

Cottages made of such material are comparable in terms of comfort with log buildings. It does not take much time to warm up the rooms in winter. The walls hold heat well, so homeowners do not have to spend a lot of gas and firewood to maintain the desired temperature.

Rules for laying aerated concrete blocks

Like any other building material, aerated concrete partitions and aerated concrete wall blocks require compliance with installation rules. Only in this case, gas blocks will fully show their useful qualities and serve you for a long time without requiring repair and replacement.

When designing buildings, in the construction of which small wall blocks are used, it is imperative to take into account the features of installation work. If you are laying aerated concrete, the blocks should not have a mass of more than 45 kg — compliance with this rule will make the aerated concrete partitions strong and even. It is better to start laying gas blocks from the corner of the building, laying small wall blocks around the entire perimeter of the foundation.

After the gas blocks of the first row are laid, the masonry should be cleaned of irregularities and its horizontal level should be checked. If the wall aerated concrete blocks are laid unevenly, then it will not work to mount the structure correctly. In addition, it will be necessary to isolate the aerated concrete partitions from moisture with the help of building materials for the installation of waterproofing.

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Thus, you will speed up the completion of work and be able to build reliable aerated concrete partitions with good heat-insulating properties.

When mounting aerated concrete partitions and wall aerated concrete blocks, you cannot do without a special connecting compound. Its role is played by glue for aerated concrete, which allows you to securely fasten the blocks together. The adhesive for aerated concrete should be prepared immediately before the start of installation work in order to fully maintain its quality.
When installing aerated concrete partitions, you can choose how to supply blocks to the place of work. In any case, it is very important to carefully transport aerated concrete. Blocks can easily break when dropped and become unusable.


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