Friendship of women: relationship of girlfriends

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How many disputes and contradictions causes female friendship. Many people are sure that it does not exist at all and the communication of girls is nothing more than ordinary friendship. You can conduct eternal discussions on this sensitive topic, look for examples of female betrayal and assure that only a man can be a true friend. It is the representatives of the stronger sex who know how to be friends, know the value of friendship, are not capable of lies and treason. No one doubts that men are indeed often loyal to their friends and sometimes even put their interests and needs above their own. By the way, such devotion and self-sacrifice can negatively affect relationships with loved ones.

Since no one doubts the ability to be friends with all representatives of the strong half of humanity, let’s return to the friendship of women. Where does it originate, what does it depend on and how is it born?

Women’s friendship gives strength and gives hope

Women's friendship gives strength and gives hope

Even the most inveterate skeptics will not dare to dispute the existence of friendship between women. The fair sex needs constant communication, is prone to mutual support, and immediately responds to a “cry for help”.

If you delve into history, then immediately a typical picture appears before your eyes: men, armed with tools, go for prey. Their duties are to provide the family with food and guarantee a roof over their heads. This means that the “support of the family” spends almost all the time outside the walls of their home. A man tries, works, gets tired.

During the turbulent war years, the representatives of the stronger sex, with weapons in their hands, rose to defend their relatives, loved ones, and loved ones. They fought, not sparing themselves, and at this time their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, girlfriends were waiting for them at home.

The women who remained in their native walls had no choice but to support each other, communicate and provide assistance to those who needed it. In such situations, strong female friendships often arose. Neighbors, relatives, and sometimes even casual acquaintances became friends, who were united by a common goal: to survive in difficult times and wait for their beloved men from the war.

Relationships between children: the psychology of friendship

Relationships between children: the psychology of friendship

Often true female friendship has its roots in early childhood. Parents play an important role in shaping these relationships. To understand and analyze the psychology of girls’ behavior, it is not necessary to go into scientific jungle. It is enough to analyze a simple example — a situation that is familiar to both children and parents. Sending the kids outside for a walk, mothers subconsciously “give” instructions: “Run to the girls, they are just playing in the yard.” Or they are sent to the boys, if we are talking about a son.

Indeed, most often boys and girls prefer to walk separately. They get together in groups: boys play outdoor sports games, war games, and girls prefer a more relaxed pastime. They enjoy playing «daughter-mother», swaddling and feeding dolls. They can also pretend to be adult sedate ladies, reproachfully watching the noisy games of the boyish company.

Such a division is taken as a fact, something for granted. This is not surprising: children most often communicate and learn to make friends in the company of their own peers.

It is in the children’s society that the rules that best friends must adhere to are laid and instilled. The psychology of female friendship is also formed here.

The conclusion suggests itself: mom and dad, without knowing it and without setting any goals for themselves, lay the foundation for a relationship that can eventually develop into friendship.

It is worth noting other components that strengthen friendly relations. Communication with girls, that is, representatives of the same sex, proceeds naturally and naturally. It’s all about the same perception of the world and the psychology of relationships. Also, we must not forget that it is much easier for a girl to find common themes and points of contact with other girls than with children of the opposite sex. Their passions and interests most often coincide: communication brings pleasure and benefit to both parties.

There is no barrier that prevents the formation of easy contact, which can occur between boys and girls. So, there are no reasons for quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings.

Friendship of women: the beauty of emotions and the rules of communication

Friendship of women: the beauty of emotions and the rules of communication

A distinctive feature of female friendship is the way of communication. Women and men are different in their communicative properties. For the fair sex, first of all, emotions are important, that is, the sensual component of communication. A strong half of humanity often prefers to conduct a dialogue in the language of information.

To understand what is at stake, you need to watch the company of men. Their communication in most cases is not colored by violent emotions. They share information dryly, one might even say in a telegraphic style, without using figurative expressions in their speech.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule: it all depends on a person’s culture, vocabulary, education and innate mind. Among men, one can meet individuals who can «enrich» their speech and make it more emotional with the help of parasitic words. Men also like to decorate their story with jokes and anecdotes of a dubious nature. They, as a rule, are easily and naturally perceived by the entire male company, causing smirks or loud laughter.

Relationships and communication of ladies are built according to a different scenario. Their dialogue is emotional, it has a certain color, unsurpassed charm, beauty of gestures. What is the secret of such differences?

It turns out that the psychology of human behavior is influenced by the biology of sexes. By nature, men have the qualities of earners and protectors, who are not characterized by excessive sensuality and unnecessary emotions. The fair sex, especially mothers. When communicating with children, you can hardly do without positive emotions and sensuality. Children need to be spoken to in a language they understand. And since the children’s vocabulary is not yet very rich, it is based on feelings and emotions.

The ability to make friends, communicate easily, share experiences, help and support — all these qualities are inherent in every woman by nature! And friendship means much more to them than it might seem at first glance!


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