How a child develops

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How a child develops

All loving parents must think about the question — is the child developing correctly? To answer this question, you need to carefully observe your child, draw conclusions and follow the basic principles of the upbringing and development of the child.

First of all, dear parents, remember that every child is a unique, unique personality that grows and develops according to its own plan. Even in the same family there are no identical brothers and sisters, and twins that are similar to each other can differ greatly in character and development.

However, in each age period there are certain skills that a child must possess. Do not be lazy to study medical and pedagogical literature about children, ask doctors and educators how the child develops, what abilities he shows, what he succeeds and what he does not. Many parents make a big mistake comparing their baby with other children. This should not be done in any case, because this forms a low self-esteem of the child, followed by various complexes.

Do not leave the upbringing and development of your child only to kindergarten and school, do it yourself. Teach your baby to sculpt, glue, cut, do crafts with him. Mom can teach her daughter useful needlework, and dad can tell his son how to hammer a nail or make a bird feeder. Do not spare time for your child, do not excuse yourself with strong employment and fatigue, the fruits of your attention will not be long in coming. Joint creative activity and active participation in the life of a child will not only help his full development, but also create a good, trusting relationship between you that will save him from the mistakes of adolescence.

Try to talk and communicate more with the child, be aware of his affairs, answer the questions of the baby, because he is so interested in this wonderful world. Read to him more, keep doing it even when he learns to read. In this case, reading will become the child’s favorite pastime, which will contribute to the development of his curiosity, creative imagination, the acquisition of «innate literacy» and erudition.

Let the baby attend some circles and extra classes, then his abilities and talents will be more clearly manifested. But even if you do not find artistic or musical abilities in your baby, do not worry, most likely he has other talents that will appear later. In any case, all circles and activities will be useful for the child for overall development.

The main thing is to generously give your baby your love and attention. This is the basis of raising a happy, full-fledged personality.

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